Buy Bulk Zereshk at Competitive Prices from Khorasan, Iran

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Buy Bulk Zereshk at Competitive Prices from Khorasan, Iran

You can buy bulk Zereshk from Iran directly. If you find a good producer and supplier, there are competitive prices for barberry.

One of the advantages of buying barberry for import directly in this region is the competitive price of the products.
This advantage leads to the highest quality barberry at the lowest price in South Khorasan.

Iranian seedless red barberry (Persian Zereshk) is in use as one of the dried fruits for import along with other Iranian agricultural products such as pistachios, saffron, raisins, and dates to different countries.

Iranian Zereshk Production Center

About 98% of Iranian barberry is the product of South Khorasan, Iran.
The climate in this region makes South Khorasan the center of barberry production in Iran.

Buyers are usually looking for high-quality barberry to buy bulk Zereshk at a reasonable price. Therefore, the Khorasan province in Iran is where all the buyers will finally find their products.

There are numerous factories in this province that process barberries and pack them for wholesale markets. Most of the farmers sell their fresh or not-processed barberries to these factories.

Activities such as removing thorns, removing tails, packaging, washing, placing in the hall and barberry drying activities take place in these factories and centers.

The ability to produce a large volume of this product and the existence of many centers for processing and preparation of this product has made this province a very good option for buying barberry directly.

Buy Bulk Zereshk for Import

Export-Quality barberries of the South Khorasan province are usually available in the following two categories:

  • ZERESHK POFAKI (Puffy Barberry)
  • ZERESHK ANARI (Anari Barberry)

Usually, in the discussion of barberry export/import, there are two significant parameters:
1. Type of consumption and its application
2. Country of destination
these two parameters determine what type of barberry should be exported.

For example, in countries where barberry prices are important, such as Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine, Anari Zereshk is more of interest to buyers. In fact, this variety has a lower price than Puffy barberry

In countries where barberry color is important, such as Germany, the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Kuwait, and Canada, most people want Puffy barberry.

Of course, it should be noted that the type of consumption is also very effective in determining the appropriate type of barberry to import.
For example, in Germany, in addition to puffy barberry, Anri barberry is also available. This variety is in use to produce beverages due to having more juice and taste.

How to Buy Iranian Zereshk in Bulk?

After determining the use and application of barberry in the destination country, the type of barberry, whether it is ANARI or POFAKI, will be determined.

Of course, we should note that each type of Iranian Zereshk has different available qualities, which have different prices. Better quality barberries, on the other hand, have a much higher price than lower quality barberries.

According to the request of the applicant country, how important the price of the products is for them and what kind of quality they want, and what kind of product makes them desirable, the final product will be selected.

Finally, the final product is a product that includes all types of consumption, product use, the desirability of the destination country, product quality, and price.

Artin Company first sends a photo or video of the final product for the buyer in the destination country.
Once the product is approved, the physical sample of the product will be sent by airmail or other items. And the final price of the product will be determined and then the contracting procedure and cargo preparation will take place.

Barberry sales unit of Artin Company handles all export affairs, including obtaining certificates, customs formalities, and sending cargo.
To buy or export high-quality Iranian barberry, you can contact the sales consultants of the Artin Company.

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