Buy Dried Barberries or Iranian Zereshk

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Buy Dried Barberries

Buy Dried Barberries or Iranian Zereshk

To buy dried barberries (Iranian Zereshk), you need to find a supplier in Iran. Artin company is a producer of red and seedless barberry in Iran.

High quality dried barberries of Iran has a good sales volume in world markets.
Here on this website, we give you many specialized and commercial information about Iranian dried barberries. The Persian name of barberry in Iran is Zereshk and The Artin company is always available if you want to know more about barberry prices and qualities.
Also, if you want to know how to buy dried barberries directly from Iran. you can make contact with our sales manager via social networks:

The center of barberry production in Iran is South Khorasan province.
A large area of ​​different cities of this province is under cultivation of 3 crops of barberry, saffron, and jujube.

Fresh Barberries Harvest Season

Fresh Barberries Harvest Season

Every year in South Khorasan province, barberry’s harvest from orchards begins in September.
Of course, depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to change this time to about two weeks.

In different cities the harvest seasons are different.
But in general, in the whole province of South Khorasan, the harvest season is about 40 to 50 days.

During the harvest season, some farmers and producers sell their fresh barberries.
Fresh barberry with branches or without branches is selling this season through fruit markets throughout the country.
Of course, some exporters also buy fresh barberry in frozen form for exporting to different countries.
Anyway, the main market for fresh barberry is the domestic market of Iran.

After the harvest season, barberry enters the drying and processing procedure.
There are different drying methods for producing various types of Iranian Zereshk.

Producing Dried Barberries

After the end of the harvest season, farmers and production units enter the drying process.
Drying barberry is doing in two general ways.

Drying Barberries Under Sunlight:

Drying Barberries

In this method, farmers separate barberries from the branches and spread them in the environments and under direct sunlight.
They should turn over barberries during the day or once every few days.
The reason for this is that the barberries dry evenly and simultaneously. (Because barberries on top are under the direct bursts of sunshine)

The barberry obtained from this drying method is known as pomegranate-seed-shape barberry (Iranian ANARI Zereshk) in the market.
If you want to buy dried barberries of this variety, you need to read the following to know more about their characteristics.

In this production method, due to direct sunlight, barberry fruits will be slightly dark.
On the other hand, using the tools to move the barberry, the crushing percentage of the product will be higher than other types.

The drying process takes about 1 month to 45 days for this method.
Iranian Anari Zereshk is cheaper than other barberry varieties.

Drying Barberries in Drying Halls:

Drying Barberries

Another method is drying in the shade and away from sunlight.
In this method, farmers don’t separate barberry fruits from the branches.
In fact, to dry the barberry in this way, the crop is separated from the tree by branch.

Barberry twigs are placed on pre-installed shelves in the drying hall.
The air then circulates in these halls either through a vent or using a fan.

The barberry obtained from this drying method is introduced in the market under the name of puffy-shaped barberry.
The Persian name of puffy barberry is POFAKI Zereshk.

The most important features of puffy barberry are its light and natural color.
In addition, a high percentage of fruits prepares completely puffy and without crushing.

Drying time in this method is between 3 to 5 months depending on weather conditions.

Buy Dried Barberries from Producer Directly


Buy Dried Barberries

The main activity of manufacturing companies is in Khorasan Province of Iran.
Many companies and workshops and industrial units in these cities are working in this field.

One of the active units in the field of sales and export of high-quality Iranian dried barberry is the Artin barberry production company.
In this collection, barberry is selling in bulk in high volume.

In addition, having an experienced commercial team, all customs affairs and formalities and obtaining export certificates are doing in a short time.
You can contact the sales department to get more information about the sales volume and also to receive the daily price of barberry.
Be sure to contact sales experts before placing an order.

Export-Quality Artin Dried Barberries Purchasing

Artin Dried Barberries Purchasing

It might that you can find some prices of Iranian Zereshk on few websites.
However, in order to export barberry according to the destination country, standards must be observed in the production and packaging of barberry.
These usually include cost and time.

Artin production company is one of the first users of fabric packaging in the field of barberries.
In this company, using special nano-fabrics, barberry first places in this package, then places in a carton.

In this way, in addition to preventing the cartons from spilling and losing weight, the shelf life of the product also increases.
Of course, in some periods of time, this type of packaging should not be used because it will damage the barberry.

Contact us in the support section to receive advice in this regard.

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