Buy Green Pistachio Kernels for Turkey

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Pistachio Kernels for Turkey

Buy Green Pistachio Kernels for Turkey

Turkey is purchasing Iranian yeşil fıstık for bakery and confectioneries. Do you know where to buy green pistachio kernels for turkey? Here we give you further information.

If you want to buy Iranian pistachio kernels with green mantle, you need to know following information.

There are many types of kernels with green color and various prices in Iran’s market.
Artin Pistachio factory is producing following types in large quantities for Turkey and Iraq:

  • Green Kernels (Unripe or Kal Pistachio Kernels)
  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Purple Skin kernels of Khorasan Province

Green Kernels (Unripe Pistachios)

This type of kernels produces by cracking unripe pistachios when they are still green.
As you can see in the following photo, Green kernels have white skin and green mantle therefore it’s of interest to Turkish Lokum and Confectionery producers.

Unripe Pistachio Kernel

Artin Pistachios Factory exports this green pistachio kernels to Turkey directly with a perfect price.
You just need to do clearance procedure in your customs in Turkey to receive your products.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels for Turkey

This type is a completely green kernels. In addition to green mantle, you see green skin that is because of removing thin skin of initial kernels.
In fact, with the purpose of producing these kernels in mind, you need to remove thin white skin of Unripe Pistachio Kernels first.
After this step, you need to sort these peeled kernels based on their green skin color.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Turkey is not the main buyer of this type. In fact, Turkish buyers are the brokers to sell this product to European Countries.
Obviously, The expensive price of these peeled kernels cause this low export quantity of these kernels for Turkey’s domestic market.

Khorasan Green Pistachio Kernels for Turkey

There are several types of pistachio kernels in Khorasan Provice of Iran. One of them calls “Badami Pistachio Kernels”, These kernels mostly have green mantle but the skin is red or dark brown.
Best price for green pistachio kernel for Turkey and Iraq can be found in khorasan badami kernels.
If you are searching for a cheap kernel besides green mantle especially for Iraq, we advise you to buy these kernels

Pistachio Kernels for Turkey

Purchasing Artin Pistachio Kernels in Turkey and Iraq

Artin Pistachio Factory presents following services for you to buy Iranian green kernels directly:

  • Sending products to your country with bulk packages
  • Providing competitive proces for your required types of kernels
  • Preparing all documents and certificates needing for clearance procedure in your country
  • Delivery of your orders to your target destinations.
  • Packaging products under OEM Services (Packaging eith your brand in Iran)

As a matter of fact, you can order products and then deliver your loads in your country.

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