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Buy Pistachio Nuts

Buy Pistachio Nuts Online in Bulk

Where can you buy pistachio nuts online in large quantities and in bulk? You should find suppliers and exporters of Iranian pistachios.

When buying bulk pistachios for export, one of the main parameters is the price of the product.
Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, Fandoghi, and Badami pistachios are exporting from Iran to different countries.

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world. When importers want to buy pistachio nuts with high quality and better taste, they choose Iranian varieties.

Pistachio Nuts Varieties to Buy

Pistachio Nuts Varieties

Iranian pistachios divide into different categories, the most important of which in the world market are as follows:

  • Long
  • Round
  • Large (Jumbo)

Which are in the category of Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Badami pistachios. Akbari pistachio is known as Super Long.
Iranian Fandoghi pistachio is in the round pistachio category and the only large (Jumbo) class pistachio is the Koleghouchi pistachio.

Each type of pistachio produces and goes to the market in different sizes.
In the following, you can see the available sizes of 5 main types of pistachios.

  1. Akbari Pistachio: sizes 18/20 – 20/22 – 22/24 – 24/26
  2. Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio: sizes 22/24 – 24/26 – 26/28 – 28/30
  3. Koleghouchi Pistachio: sizes 18/20 – 20/22 – 22/24 – 24/26
  4. Fandoghi Pistachio: sizes 26/28 – 28/30 – 30/32 – 32/34
  5. Badami Pistachio (white pistachio): sizes 26/28 – 28/30 – 30/32 – 32/34

Each of these types of pistachios can divide into two general categories:

  • Natural Open pistachios
  • Mechanical Open pistachio

NO pistachios are Open-Mouth pistachios that are naturally harvested from the tree.
But among the open-mouth harvested pistachios, some pistachios are close-mouth.
Using mechanical methods and cold water pools, the mouth of close pistachios is opened, this type of pistachio calls MO pistachios.
Obviously, The prices to buy MO pistachio nuts are really lower than NO pistachios. But the quality of MO pistachios is lower as well.

MO pistachios are known in world markets as “Class C” pistachios.

The main shopping centers of Iranian pistachios are Kerman and Khorasan provinces.

Of course, usually in each region, a special type of pistachio is producing and selling in the market.
For example, the Anar region in Kerman province is known as the largest center of Akbari pistachio production.
While the center of production of Koleghoochi pistachio can be introduced as Sabzevar city in Khorasan Razavi province.

Iranian Pistachio Export Markets

Pistachio Export Markets

Iranian pistachios are undoubtedly sent to all countries of the world, but in the meantime, there is a lot of competition between Iranian and American pistachios.

Of course, each country and each customer according to the needs of their market, buy a certain type of pistachio in a certain size.
On the other hand, due to the purchasing power of people in different countries, sellers and exporters are offering pistachios in different qualities in these markets.

Iranian pistachios are usually selling in 3 main qualities in world markets:

  • Class A pistachios that contain NO pistachios.
  • Class B pistachios, which includes a combination of NO and MO pistachios.
  • And also Class C pistachios, which contain 100% NO pistachios.

Some countries in the world have special rules and standards for food imports, which must carefully consider before exporting pistachios to that country.

For example, to export pistachios and their products to Germany, the product must be free of fungi and aflatoxins, otherwise, the cargo will return and in some cases destroy.

In this regard, in addition to international marketing, accurate familiarity with the customs and health regulations of the target country is also essential.

Our experts at Artin Collection are ready to provide you with a free consultation in this regard.

Iranian Export-Oriented Pistachio Nuts Price to Buy in Bulk

Iranian Pistachio Nuts

The bulk-online purchase price of export-quality pistachios depends on various factors and conditions.

Since most of Iran’s pistachio products are using for export to all parts of the world, the price of this product is very close to the current exchange rate.

The price of the dollar and the euro has a direct impact on the price of the product inside Iran, but in export markets, the prices are somewhat stable.

In addition, other factors are effective in determining the price of pistachios, some of which are related to the quality of pistachios:

  • Supply and demand
  • Pistachio quality: No or MO
  • Pistachio type (Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, Fandoghi, Badami, etc.)
  • The size of pistachios
  • Appearance
  • The amount of Close-Mouth and Slightly Open
  • Packing
  • Pistachios are raw or roasted
  • Freshness and taste of pistachio kernels

Each of which can affect the wholesale purchase price of pistachios.
To receive the daily price of this year’s pistachios, you can contact the sales unit of Artin dried fruit collection.

Artin Pistachio Products Online Sale

Artin Pistachio Products

Artin dried fruit collection is one of the exporters of Iranian pistachios in the market.

In this collection, different types of Iranian pistachios introduce to different customers in the world markets with a responsive and hard-working staff.

Artin Factory also produces different products of pistachios as following (You can buy pistachio nuts, Kernels, and other products directly from Iran):

  • Pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio slices and slivers
  • Powdered Pistachios
  • Also Pistachio butter

Each of these products has its own target market in different countries.

In this collection, export-quality pistachios are produced, processed, and packaged in different qualities and sent to customers all over the world.

The commercial team of this company performs all matters related to receiving the necessary certificates for export, as well as customs formalities for all pistachio export shipments.

For more information, you can contact the sales or commercial unit of this collection.

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