Buy Puffy Barberry from Iranian Supplier

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Buy Puffy Barberry

Buy Puffy Barberry from Iranian Supplier

If you want to buy puffy barberry with good price and high quality, you need to make contact with Iranian barberry’s supplier. Iranian Berberis Vulgaris is red and seedless.

The main customers of Iranian Puffy Barberry are Germany, Canada, Italy and Australia.
In Iran, dried barberry is producing in different varieties, the most important of which are pomegranate seed and puffy types.

Iranian Barberry suppliers use following Persian names in their domestic markets for barberry types:

  • Puffy Barberry calls: Zereshk Pofaki
  • Pomegranate Seed Barberry calls: Zereshk Anari

The main production center of red barberry is in South Khorasan province.

Buy Puffy Barberry with Export Quality

Buy Puffy Barberry

Puffy Barberry is the best quality among barberry varieties to buy from Iran.
This type of barberry has a bright red color and its berries are completely in puffy shape.
The bruised and pressed percentage is very low if you want to buy puffy barberry. This low percentage also occurs at the beginning of the harvest season when farmers place the fresh barberry in drying halls.

The production steps of Pofaki barberry are longer than other varieties.
Depending on the weather conditions, it takes approximately 3-5 months for Pofaki barberry production.

Iranian barberry has a very broad export market.
Various European countries, Canada, Australia and the United States have the highest volume of dried barberry consumption.

Puffy barberry is widely marketing in Iranian, Afghan and Arabic stores in recent years but now has a much wider market.
This widespread market as well as diversification in use are the two main reasons for the increase in Iran’s puffy barberry exports from Iran.
The export quality barberry should be free from any foreign material such as tail, branch, leaf, etc.
In addition, export quality barberry must have a low moisture content.

The standard moisture content defined for Puffy Barberry is up to 16%.

If the moisture content is higher then the probability of changing the color of the barberry increases over time.

Wholesale Barberry from Iran

Barberry Wholesale

Iran is known as the largest producer of edible barberry in the world.
Among the edible barberry varieties, the highest production relates to seedless red barberry.
Red barberry has a variety of uses, the main purpose of which is to make traditional and modern foods.
Other uses of red barberry include:

  • Use in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Concentrate and produce beverages
  • Uses in the production of cakes and pastries
  • Uses in the preparation of chocolate, candy and ice cream
  • Tobacco production

There are other uses for this product, but the consumption is lower than other applications.
This product easily find in eastern Iran. More precisely, its production pole is south of Khorasan. The cities of Qa’en, Zirkoh and Birjand have the highest areas of ​​cultivation of red barberry without seed.

How to Export Barberry and Its Costs:

Export Barberry

Exporting barberry is not a very complicate task, but obtaining some certificates requires a bit of experience.
Of course, companies that work in the field are much easier to obtain certificates.

For exporting barberry some certificates and documentation like other agricultural products have to obtain.
Quarantine certificate (Phytosanitary Certificate), declaration and certificate of origin obtain for all products.
But for some countries, Importing barberry require a Health Certificate.

It takes about a week to get this certificate in Iran and is doing by the Food and Drug Administration representative of the Medical University.
This certificate requires for clearance in some countries.

All customs formalities at the Artin Barberry Production Factory are free of charge for purchases over 5 tons.

In addition to the final product price and certificate costs, the cost of shipping from the customs office of origin to the country of destination must also calculate for import.
This cost determine by the volume of the barberry purchase as well as the location of the destination country.

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