Buying Barberry from Producer in Iran for Export

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Buying Barberry from Producer

Buying Barberry from Producer in Iran for Export

For buying barberry from producer in Iran directly, you need to first find the main producers and suppliers. Then export/import them.

To have a good price in the field of barberry and saffron, direct purchase of high-quality barberry from the manufacturer has many benefits.
High-quality barberry can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Using this method, newer and higher quality products can be ready.
Barberry is using dried and processed in the form of jams and juices.
Iranian barberries are red and seedless. This fruit has a sour taste and a favorite of different tastes.

Buying barberry from a producer has many benefits. When you buy directly from a manufacturer, you are sure about your competitive prices.
Also, you are able to control your product’s quality according to your market.

Red Barberry Manufacturer in Iran

Red Barberry Manufacturer

Barberry has different types and varieties around the world. Iranian barberry is Berberis Vulgaris in fact.
But most barberries all around the world are decorative, not edible.

The main center of production and growth of edible barberry is Iran.
In Iran, edible barberry is available in 2 main types:

  • Red Orchard-Produced Barberry
  • Black Barberry

When buying barberry from the producer that you know it has its own orchards, your product is red barberry.
Because the black barberry is available and growing in forests and mountains of Khorasan and Semnan.

Barberries produced in orchards are seedless and red in color. This product is in South Khorasan province.
Mountain or forest barberry is black and has a core.

The production volume of wild barberry in Iran is very low and it is using for syrup and medicine production.
Customs of Iran does not allow the export of black barberry unless with the permission of the Natural Resources Organization with special conditions.

But the barberry that is known and approved in the world markets is red barberry.
This product is available in dried form in different types in the market.
The main types of red barberry in Iran are:

“Pomegranate-Seed-Shape Barberry” and “Puffy-Shape Barberry”

Which have different appearance features. You can choose each of these varieties when buying directly from the producer.
In general, puffy barberry has a light color and puffy shape.
Pomegranate seed barberry has a darker color than puffy barberry.

Iranian Edible Barberry Exporters

Iranian Edible Barberry Exporters

Various exporting companies are operating in Birjand and Qa’en cities.
Some of these companies are also active in the field of production and processing.

These companies are the best option to buy the export product.
One of the advantages of the exporting company in this province is the familiarity and convenience of product export licenses.
To export barberry, a crop certificate of the product is neseccarry.

This certificate is obtained by the exporting company from the Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization.

Artin Barberry Production is one of the companies active in this field.
In this company, various types of Iranian barberry are available in bulk and also in different packages.
There are various markets for Iranian barberry in the world.

There are various countries buying barberry directly from Iranian producer companies.

  1. Turkey
  2. Russia
  3. Germany
  4. Canada
  5. Ukraine
  6. Iraq
  7. Australia
  8. Kuwait
  9. Afghanistan

Barberry is exporting to each country according to its type of consumption.
In the Canadian market, for example, Pofaki barberry is suitable.

Buying Artin Barberry From Producer

Buying Barberry From Producer

The Artin company performs all the processes and sorting procedures for dried barberries.
The harvesting, sorting, and packaging processes are the main production steps for preparing barberry.

Barberry is also available in small packages in the Artin collection.
But in terms of time, according to the purchase of volume, the necessary coordination must be done with the production unit.
Because the main activity of this collection is to provide carton (bulk) packaging products.

The Artin barberry bulk packaging also has a special property that is very important for buying and selling goods.
These packages increase the shelf life of the product. Also they are acceptable for customs because of their hygienic standards.

These packages are the results of so many feedbacks of customers in different countries.
You can contact one of the sellers on WhatsApp to receive the images.

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