Buying Bulk Barberry Varieties for Wholesale

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Buying Bulk Barberry

Buying Bulk Barberry Varieties for Wholesale

Buying bulk barberry varieties is usually done from wholesale markets in different countries. But the 4 wholesale markets of Turkey, Germany, Canada (and America) and Ukraine are the biggest markets for barberry varieties.

The largest production area for edible red barberry in Iran is South Khorasan province. Along with saffron, different cities in the province have also put on the production of barberry.

Khorasan Barberry Production

Khorasan Barberry Varieties

Iranian barberry harvest season begins in September and continues until late November in different areas of South Khorasan province.
Barberry enters the drying and processing procedure after harvest. Due to different methods of drying barberry, there is a variety of products available to market.
There are, of course, two main ways to process barberry that can produce the following two main types:

  • Anari Barberry
  • Pofaki Barberry

Other types of barberry have much less production and sales than the two.
Anari and Pofaki prepare for the market at different times.
Pofaki barberry is lighter in color than Anari type. On the other hand, barberry has a darker juice and is commonly used in jams, syrups, Lokum (Turkish Delights), and pastries. That’s the reason of buying bulk barberry in Anari type for wholesale in Turkish markets.

Buying Bulk Barberry Varieties for Wholesale

Buying Bulk Barberry

There are several ways for buying bulk barberry for wholesale, but the best and most reliable way is to contact the wholesale centers mentioned above or active producers in South Khorasan province.

With the increase in communications and the volume of phone transactions in various wholesale markets in recent years, We are seeing an increase in Barberry online sales.
Of course, since barberry is an agricultural product and not exactly the same every time, it can be a bit difficult. But this can be done by setting standards and parameters.

For example, with many years of experience in barberry, Qatar and Iraq customers , dark barberry juice is very important to them.
But for Turkish and German customers, lower humidity and moisture matters more than everything.
Any way, Low percentage of foreign material in cargo, is really important for anyone who’s buying bulk barberry.
If you are buying bulk barberry for wholesale in different varieties, don’t forget the correct packaging:

  • Barberry needs to package in fabric bags and put in carton

Buying Bulk Barberry Directly from Farmers

Buying Bulk Barberry

Producers active in South Khorasan province often have the problem of sending barberry directly to different cities in Iran.
In fact, The distance between Orchards and Farm lands to Main cities and exporters are longer.

Since not all farmers can process and sort barberry, they usually provide their barberry with active units with processing and sorting machines. So the best collections for buying bulk barberry varieties are workshops and factories in Birjand and Qa’en.

Importing Iranian Barberry

Importing Iranian Barberry

With the recognition of barberry in the international markets as well as the high therapeutic properties of this crop, the target markets of Iranian barberry export are expanding day by day.
So many drug production units, beverage centers, restaurants, chocolate and Turkish delight factories and many other centers are buying Iranian barberry in bulk.

In recent years, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Russia and Ukraine accounted for most of Iran’s barberry importers.
Importing Iranian barberry requires that the barberry has specific parameters and certifications that you can contact the sales experts at Artin Company for more information.

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