Buying Organic Red Barberry for Export/Import

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Buying Organic Red Barberry for Export/Import

Buying Organic Red Barberry for Export/Import

Buying organic red barberry from Iran is often for European countries. Microbial parameters are important besides pesticides residue as well.

There are various points and parameters to study and to learn before entering the field of barberry export/import as a business.

The main center of production, sale, and export of barberry in Iran is South Khorasan province in the east of the country.
In this region of the country, various orchards and regions under the supervision of barberry exporting companies are active in the production of high-quality organic barberry.

Iranian organic red barberries have many buyers in the market of different countries, especially some European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Romania; This product is often available through organic food stores in these countries.

But, if you are thinking of buying organic red barberry in large quantities:

Obviously, if you purchase the products from producers and exporters in Iran, you will recieve affordable and more competitive prices.

Organic Red Barberry Production in Iran

Organic Red Barberry Production in Iran

Barberry is available in different countries, but many of these products are not edible and most of them are decorative.

Iran is the largest producer of edible barberry in the world; Barberry in Iran has 2 general types:

  1. Black barberry (A wild variety)
  2. Red barberry (Common edible variety)

The production volume of black barberry is very small. By the way, harvesting from pastures requires a license from the Natural Resources Organization. Also, most of this product is in use in Iran to produce a variety of barberry drinks, juices, and syrups. In fact, black barberry is mostly in use because of its therapeutical properties.
By the way, black barberry fruits have seeds inside.

But red barberry, which is produced in the orchards of South Khorasan province, has a very high production and sales volume.
Due to the welcome of domestic and global markets of Khorasan barberry, every year we see an increase in the volume of production of this product in different regions of South Khorasan province.

The South Khorasan Province has the highest area under cultivation and production of barberry. The reason for this claim is the volume of sales and exports from this province. In fact, red barberry needs a special weather climate. This climate makes Khorasan the best place in the world to produce the best quality red barberry fruits.

The point is that: South Khorasan province has a good capacity and capability to produce Organic Reb Barberries. Therefore, we are witnessing an accelerative increase in the production of organic barberry for export markets.

Buying Organic Red Barberry Fruits (Dried)

Buying Organic Red Barberry Fruits (Dried)

For buying organic red barberry, you should pay attention to the fact that in many areas of South Khorasan province, unfortunately, the use of pesticides has become common.

The main reason for this is the pests of other orchards, including jujube orchards and wheat and barley patches; In this regard, organic barberry should be from reliable farmers or companies active in the production and sale of organic barberry for testing and health analysis.

Some companies cover farmers and different areas and take care of these orchards every month; They test the products of these orchards every year in prestigious laboratories in France and Germany. More than 800 types of toxins are measurable in France.

One of the active companies in the field of production, sale, and export of various types of organic red barberry is the Artin Barberry Trading & Production Company.
The company sells its organic products directly in export markets. And also it sells a small portion of the surplus products in the Iranian domestic market.

If you want to buy or export organic barberry, you can use the advice of our partners in the sales department; You can ask all your questions about your market, prices, and certificates.

Barberries Prices in Iranian Wholesale Markets

Barberries Prices in Iranian Wholesale Markets

The price of organic barberry is much higher than non-organic barberry; Various French and German companies, along with buyers from Italy and Spain, buy organic barberry from Iranian companies in the form of long-term contracts for 10 years.

To receive the price of organic barberry, you can contact the sales unit of Artin Company. And, according to the volume of your orders, also express your opinions regarding the contract; In order to make the necessary decision based on the excess capacity in Artin Barberry Production Center.

We hope to start a long-term and reassuring cooperation with you.

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