Cheap MO Pistachios for Russia and Ukraine

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Cheap MO Pistachios

Cheap MO Pistachios for Russia and Ukraine

Cheap MO Pistachios have a good market especially in Russia and Ukraine but the quality is important besides the price as well.

Cheap Iranian MO pistachios are very popular in the Russian market. In fact, these kinds of pistachios are of interest to CIS countries.
Exporters sell a variety of Iranian pistachios in these markets.

Different types of pistachios such as Fandoghi, AhmadAghaei, and Badami have many buyers in these markets.
Pistachios exported to Russia are often roasted with a high percentage of salt.
Of course, raw pistachios are also exporting to various Russian cities.

In the following, we will examine the export of pistachios from Iran to Russia in more detail.

Cheap MO Pistachios Export/Import

Cheap MO Pistachios

Iran is one of the two main centers of pistachio production in the world.
Iran’s main competitor in the market of different countries is American pistachio.
American pistachios have more competitive prices than Iranian pistachios.

In Iran, pistachios are into two general categories of round and long shapes.
Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Badami pistachios are in the category of long pistachios.
Fandoghi and Kalleghouchi are in the category of round-shape pistachios.

Each of these types of pistachios in the market of different countries has its own fans.
For example, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are more popular in the Indian market and Koleghouchi pistachios are more popular in the Lebanese market.

In Iran, pistachios are available in different provinces.
Some of them have been around for many years and others are new in the production of this product in recent years.
Kerman and Khorasan provinces have the highest amount of pistachio production in Iran.

On the other hand, high droughts in Kerman province have caused a decrease in pistachio production.

Exporting MO/NO Pistachios to Russia & Ukraine

Exporting MO/NO Pistachios

Given that low price pistachios are in demand by Russian traders, choosing the correct variety and quality of pistachios is important.
Fandoghi and Badami are the varieties that are available in the CIS countries both Natural Open (NO) and Mechanical Open (MO).

But in most cases, MO pistachios or a mixture of NO and MO pistachio nuts are exporting to these countries.
Due to the type and amount of pistachio consumption in Russia, different types in the market of this country have their own customers.
For this reason, it is not possible to talk definitively about its type or roasting.

But exporters mostly export roasted and salted pistachio nuts to Russia and Ukraine. This is more common especially when they are importing Iranian MO pistachios to these countries.

Packaging is often in the form of 10 kg cartons or 25 and 50 kg bags.

How to Import Pistachio Nuts into Russia?

Import Pistachio Nuts

There are various shipping routes for food exports/imports from Iran to Russia.

The main and important route for sending pistachios from Iran to Russia is through the port of Astara in Iran to the Russian port of Astrakhan. Which is done by sea through the Caspian Sea in a short time.

There is another way to export pistachios from Iran.
This route significantly reduces customer clearance tariffs.
For this route, sending by rail is the best way and method.

In fact, exporters send their products by train from Mashhad to Kazakhstan.
Then they do clearance for pistachios at a cheaper price in this country.

Given that Russia and Kazakhstan are CIS countries, the product will be shipped to Russia from Kazakhstan at no other special cost.
In fact, only shipping costs between the two countries will be paid by the buyer or seller.

Of course, the second method requires facilities and work clearance in Kazakhstan.
Some Iranian companies have this capability and it is a competitive advantage.

Price Information of Iranian Cheap MO Pistachios

Iranian Cheap MO PistachiosHaving a reasonable and competitive price is one of the important parameters in exporting to Russia.
Iranian export-quality pistachios are of interest to this market.
Traders and merchants know exactly what kind of pistachios they need.

On the other hand, in order to receive the exact price, some parameters need to be fully specified.
You can get the price of your desired pistachio by providing the following information to one of the Artin pistachios sales experts.

By the way, you can read more about Artin pistachio company on its Persian Website.

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