Cheap Pistachio Kernels Online Sales in Bulk

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Cheap Pistachio Kernels

Cheap Pistachio Kernels Online Sales in Bulk

There are always buyers for cheap pistachio kernels in wholesale markets. Here is an Online market for the sales of pistachios in bulk.

The sale of cheap pistachio kernels in items such as Fandoghi and Ahmad Aghaei is for the purpose of export to India, China, Russia, Iraq, and exporting businesses.

Artin Pistachio Factory is one of the suppliers of pistachio kernels in Iran. You can have online contact with our sales and export manager in the Artin company.

Import of Pistachio Kernels from Iran

Import of Pistachio Kernels

Pistachio kernels are exporting from Iran to various countries around the world.
Customers of this product are two categories. Some customers of Iranian pistachio kernels do not pay much attention to the price of goods and quality is the most important principle in buying the product, but some countries importing pistachio kernels from Iran put quality in the next stage of price.

Regular pistachio kernels are suitable products for export to second-case countries.

It is worth mentioning that when exporting cheap pistachio kernels to a specific country, it should be considered what these pistachio kernels are using.
Because if the product is using for packaging and re-export, you can use whole-shape Fandoghi pistachio kernels. But if the product is using for confectionery, you should use green kernels.

Green pistachio kernels are mostly using for the following consumption:

  • Sweets
  • Cake
  • Ice-cream
  • Halva
  • Lokum (Turkish Delights)
  • And also Baklava

Most of these production units are looking for low-price pistachio kernels but the green color is important as well.
Both in Iran and in global markets, green color and good taste are the two main parameters for this type of pistachio kernels.

Cheap Pistachio Kernels to Buy

Cheap Pistachio Kernels to Buy

Undoubtedly, Low-Price pistachio kernels are selling in bulk by various sellers.
In the Artin Pistachio Factory, the mentioned pistachio kernels will be mainly prepared for export:

  • Halved pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio Granule (in 4 sizes)
  • Wheaty-size pistachio kernels
  • Green pistachio kernels
  • Also, purple skin pistachio kernels

Other types of pistachio kernels are often more expensive than the above.

You can contact the Artin sales unit to buy these products online in bulk and also to view the real photos of the available products.
In this unit, by making direct contact, you can receive an updated quotation based on your own inquiry.

Cheap Pistachio Kernels for Export/Import Sales

Cheap Pistachio Kernels Sales

Price is one of the main parameters in pistachios exports.
In the sale of low-price kernels in bulk, low amounts of price changes show their high volume.

In addition to the above, supply and demand are directly effective on the price of pistachios and pistachio kernels along with the daily price of the dollar.
Pistachio kernels are producing in high volumes by production units, workshops, and factories in Kerman and Khorasan provinces.

Many pistachio recording terminals also crack empty pistachios after the harvest season, when second-grade pistachio kernels are producing and marketing.

Obviously, the price of pistachio kernel also depends on its quality characteristics:

  • Above all, being clean and completely sorted
  • No foreign materials
  • Uniformity of size and shape
  • Freshness and taste
  • Finally, suitable packaging

All of the above are directly determining the price of pistachio kernels.

Pistachio Granule

Pistachio Granule

One of the products that are professionally producing in the Artin company is pistachio granules.
This type of pistachio kernel sorts after sieving and initial sizing by laser sorting machine.
At this stage, all foreign substances, including the hard shell of pistachio, separates from the cargos.

Pistachio granules in this factory are producing in 4 sizes on a regular basis.
In addition to the above processes, all products will pass the tape in the final quality test and will be re-checked by experienced personnel.

All these sensitivities are due to the fact that this type of pistachio kernel is using as a raw material by other producers.
For this reason, pistachio kernels must be uniform, one size, and free of any other foreign matter.

All these products are sending to domestic and export markets in vacuum packages by Artin Company.
Indeed, pistachio kernels are more durable in these packages and can be used for a long time.

Also, for more information, you can contact the experts of Artin Pistachio nuts and kernels company.

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