Chopped Green Pistachios Export/Import

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Chopped Green Pistachios

Chopped Green Pistachios Export/Import

Iran’s Chopped Green Pistachios are known well as one of the pistachio export products. Do you know where to buy pistachios slivers and slices in bulk?

The export market of Iranian pistachio slices is very wide.
Get the price of high quality export pistachio slices from active production units in Kerman and Ghazvin in Iran.
Obviously, There are some points about buying chopped green pistachios for export/import. Here we tell you about this product and direct supply of it.

Iranian Pistachio Products

Iranian Pistachio Products

Pistachio and its products are among the most valuable non-oil Iranian products. In fact, Pistachio export/import from Iran is a wide business all around the world.
Pistachios, saffron, dates and barberry (Zereshk) are among the products that a significant amount of them are using for export.

Iranian pistachios compete with American pistachios in world markets.
Iranian pistachios are much better than American pistachios in terms of color and taste.
But in the United States, different flavors use to process pistachios, which makes it easier to sell.

In addition to pistachios, its products also have a good sales volume. The most important of which are listed below:

  • Pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio slices and slivers
  • Bony Shell of pistachios
  • Pistachio powder
  • Pistachio butter

Each of these products has its own uses but use more than anywhere else in the bakery and pastry industry.

Iranian Slivered and Sliced Pistachios Producer

Slivered and Sliced Pistachios

Iranian pistachios produce in different provinces of the country. But pistachio kernels that are suitable for production of chopped pistachios are only available in some areas.
Most of the pistachio slices in Iran relate to the following 3 provinces:

  1. Kerman
  2. Ghazvin
  3. Khorasan Razavi

In these centers, Chopped Green Pistachios produce in different qualities and sell in the market.
Of course, at the beginning of the harvest season, many producers of pistachio slivers buy their desired kernels from other provinces.

To produce chopped green pistachios, a kernel should use that has the following characteristics:

  • Green Color
  • Elongation
  • Appropriate fat percentage

After preparing the raw material, the type of slice and the skill in producing the slice are also of great importance.
Some of the old producers in the market use the latest industrial machines to produce the best pistachio slivers and slices.

Kerman Chopped Green Pistachios Wholesale for Export/Import

Chopped Green Pistachios

Kerman province is known as the largest producer of pistachios in Iran.
The highest area under Iranian pistachio cultivation is in different cities of this province.
Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Anar, Zarand and also many other cities in this region of the country are specialized in planting and producing pistachios.

Many factories and production units are operating in Kerman province.
In these units, pistachio nuts, pistachio kernels slices, slivers, powder and other products mainly produce and sell in the market.
Obviously, Most of the products send for export to different countries that buy Iranian pistachios and its products.

Kerman’s chopped green pistachios are as one of the main products that has a wide market.
The direct sale of these products performs through production units in this province.

Iranian Pistachio Slivers for Export

Iranian Pistachio Slivers

As mentioned, Iranian pistachio slices have their own fans in world markets.
The largest volume of Iranian pistachio exports is to countries that are active in the field of confectionery.

Countries such as India, Canada, Germany, Russia, South Africa and Switzerland have the highest purchases of Iranian chopped green pistachios.
To export pistachio slices, proper packaging should use because there is a high probability of crushing of the slices along the way due to many movements.

In fact, one of the parameters for determining the quality of pistachio slices is its percentage of crushed and broken slivers and slices.

Of course, aflatoxin testing is required for some countries to export pistachio slices.
If needed for clearance in the destination country, the final product must be evaluated.

Iranian Chopped Green Pistachios Daily Price

Chopped Green Pistachios

The price of ​pistachio slice and sliver primarily relates to two basic parameters:

  • Supply and demand
  • Pistachio kernel prices

After examining the market based on these two criteria, buyers turn to the quality characteristics of pistachio slices.
The most important features that examine to identify the quality of chopped pistachios are:

  • Greener color
  • Longer shape
  • Lower crushed and broken percentage
  • Fat content
  • Moisture content
  • packing

All these factors are effective in determining the daily price of chopped green pistachios.
However, due to the fact that the prices of pistachio kernels fluctuates with the daily price of the currency (Exchange Rate), most production units announce their prices with a validity of 4 to 7 days and in some cases less.
In this regard, it is not possible to put the price on the website, but to get the daily price, Artin production company has created simple ways for you.
The easiest of these ways is to complete the product request forms on the site of this collection, or you can contact the sales and trade unit through the numbers on this page.

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