Chopped Pistachios Exporter – Iranian Green Kernels

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Chopped Pistachios Exporter

Chopped Pistachios Exporter – Iranian Green Kernels

Are you searching for a chopped pistachios exporter in Iran? You might know that Iranian green kernels are the best quality in this market.

Sales of sliced and chopped ​​green pistachios, in addition to the domestic market, also has a very good export market.
Slices and slivers of pistachio kernels ​​are known as the main products of Iranian pistachios in international markets.

The quality of pistachio slices mostly determines based on the amount of green color and uniformity of the load.

Export-Quality Chopped Pistachios Production

Chopped Pistachios Production

Pistachio is one of the products that have a variety of products:

  • Kernels
  • Slices and Slivers
  • Powder
  • Paste
  • Butter

Each of these products has its own specific markets inside and outside Iran.
To export any of these pistachio products, its production must be in accordance with the standards of the target country.

For example, to export pistachio slices and pistachio kernels to Germany and Spain, products must have an acceptable percentage of aflatoxins.
But for the export of pistachio products to Russia, Ukraine, and some other countries, no special certificate is necessary. But the basic standards must observe.
So, Any chopped pistachio exporter should know about these standards to satisfy its customers.

In other words, not every product can be used for export.
The production process of chopped pistachios is not very complicating. But some steps must be done professionally:

  • Preparation of pistachio kernels free of foreign substances
  • Put the kernels in water to separate the skin
  • Performing the process of peeling pistachio kernels
  • Slicing the product with the machine
  • Put chopped ​​pistachios on the dryer
  • And finally packing and shipping

The most important point in the production and sale of green pistachio slices is the presence of first-class raw material (pistachio kernels) with a really green color.

If the kernel has the right color, good length (long kernels), and standard fat percentage, The high quality, and the first-class product will prepare for the market.

Chopped Pistachios Wholesale Markets in Iran

Chopped Pistachios Wholesale

Wholesale centers of pistachio slices should be found in the provinces that grow pistachios.
In other words, most production units and factories are located near farms and orchards.

This method has many benefits for farmers, producers, and customers of these products.

The highest sales of green pistachio slices occur in the following cities:

  • Ghazvin (Qazvin)
  • Buin Zahra
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Ardakan Yazd

In these cities, chopped pistachios are producing and marketing in different qualities.
In fact, if you are searching for a good chopped pistachios exporter in Iran, you should search these above regions.

Many of these production units make sure that their product is free of any fungi, especially aflatoxins, before starting the cutting process.

After that, they produce luxury and first-class products to satisfy their export/import customers.

Iranian Green Chopped Pistachios for Export/Import

Green Chopped Pistachios

Exporting a particular product from one country to another is always accompanied by currency for the destination country.

Pistachio as one of the main export commodities of Iran has been able to gain a good position for foreign exchange in non-oil products.

Iranian pistachios transport to many countries in the world and have their own customers. But this time Artin Pistachio Trading suggest you import Iranian pistachio products such as chopped pistachios for better profit.
The reason for our insistence on exporting chopped ​​green pistachios is that this product can be very profitable in the export market.

Green pistachio slices have different export target markets. But they are often exporting and selling to two categories of countries:

The first buyers of pistachio slices are countries that have a food packaging industry and resell it to other importing countries after packaging.
The next category is countries that have a confectionery industry and use pistachio slices to produce sweets.

All kinds of Iranian pistachio slices for export are ready for sale in the export market by Artin Production Company as and exporter of chopped pistachios.

Green Chopped Pistachios Exporter

Chopped Pistachios Exporter

Many production companies produce pistachio slices and powder in the Iranian market.
One of these companies is the Artin nuts and dried fruits company, which is well known in international markets.

For more information in this regard, you can visit the Persian website of this collection:

Green pistachio slices are selling mainly by this group in the market inside and outside Iran.
You can contact the sales and export unit of Artin Company to receive pictures of products and also samples of goods.

In addition, the daily prices of various types of exported pistachio slices will be informed to you by our partners in the sales unit.

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