Chopped Pistachios in India | Green Pistachio Slices and Slivers

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Chopped Pistachios in India | Green Pistachio Slices and Slivers

Is there any supplier of Chopped Pistachios in India? How about green pistachio slices and slivers? The Artin Co. is a pistachio supplier.

Exporting various chopped ​​pistachios to India is one of the high volume trades along with Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels.
This product has many uses, most of which in India are to produce a variety of sweets and cakes.

India is one of the countries where a variety of sweets are available. Therefore, almonds and pistachios are often in use in the preparation of these items.
The people of India want products that have a high nutritional value, pistachio slices are among the products that have this feature. Pistachio slices/chops/slivers are available in different cities of Iran. But Qazvin/Kerman/Rafsanjan/Mashhad pistachio slices are more common in international markets, and the reason is the quality and color of pistachio products in these regions.

Chopped Pistachios for India

We know that large quantities of pistachio products of Iran are in use for export to different countries.
India is one of these countries that have special attention to Iranian pistachios. In fact, the amount of importing Iranian pistachio products to India is really significant.

Pistachio slices have different uses in India. One of these applications is the production of sweets and ice cream.
This valuable product is often in use in the production of products such as sweets and ice cream for decoration. This makes the Indians very interested in green pistachios.

Not only chopped pistachios but also various pistachio products are really of interest to buyers and merchants in India. This type of pistachio slices and slivers will decorate any product with its beautiful color.

Obviously, you need to check various parameters of the products based on your market. Then, according to your markets tendencies in India, you should choose a suitable product and quality to purchase and import from Iran.

Purchasing/Importing Green Pistachio Products

We all know that the best place to buy any agricultural product is to buy it from the production center.
But now, due to the advancement of technology, it has become very convenient to buy products.
With a simple call, you can get the product you want in your city.

The Artin company is one of the collections that have many activities in this field.
Due to its online wholesales, this company is able to reduce the side costs of selling pistachio products.
Especially, If you want to buy chopped pistachios in bulk, the Artin company can deliver you its product in India.

For advice or to buy different types of pistachios and their products, you can contact the consultants of the Artin company.
In general, you buy the products from the production center, but you don’t need to go there if it’s difficult for you.

Of course, you may be wondering how to purchase safely online.
In answer to this question, we must say that if you use reputable companies and exporters, you do not need to worry about this.

Artin Chopped Pistachios Prices and Qualities

One of the most important points to buy pistachio products is the price.
The question now is how these prices are set. In each product, according to certain parameters, the price is passed.

For example, for pricing on export-quality slivered and sliced pistachios, we must pay attention to the following points.

  • Pistachio color (Darker green is better)
  • Crushing rate (%Broken and %powdered)
  • The long shape of pistachio slivers
  • The Uniformity of shape and size

There are also parameters for pistachio chops and granules that determine their price.
Of course, determining the price by different parameters does not indicate the main price of pistachio products.
Due to the export of pistachios and its products, the price of pistachios fluctuates a lot. On the other hand, supply and demand in the market also has a great impact on the price of pistachio products. Due to these issues, we must have the current price of pistachio products to buy them.

The consultants of the Artin Company are ready to cooperate with you.
For consultation, purchase, export, import, and receiving the price of various pistachio products, you can contact the consultants of the Artin collection.

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