Classy Dried Barberries Export Import Wholesale

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Dried Barberries Export

Classy Dried Barberries Export Import Wholesale

Iranian dried barberries export market is mostly Germany, Canada, USA and Kuwait. The wholesale price to import classy barberry is lower when you buy directly from Iran.

First class barberries export from Iran to different countries.
Depending on the country of destination and type of consumption, the type of barberry selects.

One of the most important features and quality parameters of export quality barberry is moisture below 16%.

Iranian Dried Barberry Varieties and Qualities

Iranian Dried Barberries

Iran is known as the top producer of edible barberries in the world.
Seedless red barberry of Iran has become more popular in world markets in recent years. That’s why Iranian classy and dried barberries export and import amount is really increasing.

The volume of barberries export from Iran to other countries shows this.
The main center for growing red barberry is in eastern Iran, especially in South Khorasan province.

In Birjand and Ghaenat counties and other areas of this province, barberry mainly produce in orchards.
In all these areas, a special type of barberry cultivates and harvests.

But the question is, how is it that barberry offers in different types with different names in the market?
To answer this question, we must focus on the processes that take place on barberry after it harvests from the tree.

In other words, there are various processing methods for drying barberry.

These different methods in drying and processing barberry cause barberry to prepare and sell in different types.
The two main types of Iranian barberry are known by the following names:

  1. Pomegranate seed barberry (Anari Zereshk)
  2. Puffy Barberry (Pofaki Zereshk)

There are other types of barberry such as common barberries, sub-barberries, lavashka barberries, etc. that do not have a significant sales volume.
The main dried barberries export volume relates to the Puffy and Pomegranate types.

Of course, sometimes, depending on the target country, barberry also considers for export.

Classy Dried Barberries Export/Import

Classy Dried Barberries

Exports of first-class barberries from Iran were very low before the 2010, and along with other foodstuffs such as saffron and pistachios were sent to other countries.
But with the popularity of these products in international markets, its export volume has increased sharply since 2013.

Barberry originally uses in Iranian, Arabic, and Afghan food stores and restaurants in other countries.
But little by little, this product, which has a high nutritional value, found its place in more chain stores.

This trend causes the export volume of Iran’s classy barberry in bulk and packaged to have an acceptable growth.
In this regard, the Agricultural Jihad Organization take acceptable measures to train farmers in the production of barberry.

All these stages causes us to see the production of higher quality products by barberry growers in South Khorasan province day by day.

Iranian Dried Barberries Production (Red-Edible type)

Dried Barberries Production

As previous sections, the south of Khorasan province is the main center of barberries production in Iran.

In 2020, more than 16,000 hectares of agricultural lands in South Khorasan province were dedicated to barberry planting.
The approximate estimate of this year’s barberry harvest, which begins in October, is about 20,000 tons of red barberry.

The cities of Qa’en, Birjand, Sarbisheh, Arianshahr (Sedeh), Zirkuh and Darmian have the highest volume of barberry production in the province.
But workshops and factories active in this field are mostly active in the two cities of Birjand and Ghaenat.

Some of these centers only process and package products in bulk and supply them in the markets of other provinces.
But some of these other production units, in addition to barberry processing, also do all matters related to trade and export of the product.

Even some of these units in other countries represent their products in bulk.

Artin barberry production factory, also known as Artin agro-industry in Khorasan, is one of the activists in the field of production to export of dried barberries.
In this collection, from A to Z, all matters about barberry are doing by young and experienced experts.

Obtaining health certificates, analyzing products separately, transporting them in reefer containers, performing customs formalities, etc. are doing in the commercial unit of this company.

Classy Dried Barberries Export/Import Price

Classy Dried Barberries

The price of barberry influences by many factors that should be under consideration.
The most important issue in determining the price of barberry is choosing its type. In other words, pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper than puffy barberry.

But after determining the type of barberry, the quality characteristics of the product should test and examine.
The most important criteria for measuring the quality of barberry are as follows:

  • Uniformity of shape and size and color
  • Lack of foreign materials
  • Percentage of barberries with tail
  • Immaturity rate
  • Moisture content
  • Pollution
  • Blight

The above is often measuring by food laboratories and the permissible percentages of the standard 3337 barberry fruit of Iran.

Due to these cases, it is not possible to announce exact prices on the site.
You can use the same link to know the prices of some types of Iranian red barberry, but be careful to contact the sales unit or fill in the forms on the site to know the exact price.

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