Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels for Sale/Purchase

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Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels

Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels for Sale/Purchase

The Cheapest and best quality of pistachio kernels for bakery and nuts is Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels. Visit our website for sale/purchase this product.

In this article, we examine the features and prices of close mouth pistachio kernels.
Close-Mouth pistachio kernels produce from all types of pistachios (Round. Long and Jumbo). But the most famous type is Fandoghi (Round) pistachio kernels.

What are the “Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels”?

Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels

The name “closed mouth” comes from the fact that this pistachio kernel produces from close mouth pistachio nuts.

This type of pistachio kernel is usually smaller than the kernels of Open-mouth pistachios and has a so-called wrinkled appearance, and the reason for this is that in most cases, the smiling (open-mouth) pistachio kernel is quite large and its surface becomes heavier in the largest volume.

But close-mouth kernels, in addition to not having enough space to grow inside the skin (shell) of the close-mouth pistachio nuts, sometimes some kernels are still wrinkled and invisible from the outside.

First-class quality of closed-mouth pistachio causes the final kernel to be of good quality. And for this we need to identify which pistachio with a close mouth is a first-class pistachio.
In this case, the gram of the kernel should check, that is, how much skin and how much kernel there is in each 100 grams of pistachio.

Of course, for export to different countries, the complete shape of the pistachio kernel may be more important than its large size, and therefore it is necessary to keep the gram of the kernel low, because with this, the pistachio kernel will be smaller inside the skin and inside the cracking device.

Pistachio Kernels for Sale/Purchase

Close-mouth pistachio kernels sometimes ships to specific customers in international markets.
Most countries that are very sensitive to Aflatoxin fungi want to buy pistachio kernels with the standard level of Aflatoxin.
Most of these countries are European and tend to buy pistachios and pistachio kernels with total Aflatoxin below 10 PPB.

Since close-mouth pistachios have no penetration route for the fungus to enter, they are free of any aflatoxins.
For this reason, these pistachio kernels use to export to countries with this standard.

Of course, pistachio kernels must produce and package in completely hygienic conditions.
Pistachio kernels mostly pack in vacuum packages along the way from Iran to other countries.

Fandoghi (Round) Pistachio Kernels Sale/Purchase

Pistachio Kernels

Fandoghi pistachio kernels are more suitable than other types of pistachio kernels. In fact, this type is more common to import and export.
On the other hand, its production is high and these reasons have led to a higher sales volume both in the domestic market and in international markets.
Many malls sell Fandoghi pistachio kernels in bulk or in small packages as an snack (Roasted and Salted Varieties).

Most of these production units operate in pistachio producing provinces, namely Kerman, Khorasan, Qazvin and Yazd.
Artin Commercial Production Factory is one of the market participants in the field of nuts in Khorasan Razavi province of Iran.

The production units of this factory operates in Neishabour, Sabzevar and Faizabad.
In this collection, pistachio kernels in different packages for various uses sell in bulk.
For purchasing pistachio kernels in any type with high quantity, you need to make contact to the producers obviously.

Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels Export/Import

Close Mouth Pistachio Kernels

The export of pistachio kernels, as stated, should be done in accordance with the standards of the target country.
For this reason, the type of pistachio kernel and the clearance conditions must first determine by examining the market of the target country.

After determining these cases, pistachio kernels should produce and package in accordance with the conditions and standards.
After that, it is necessary to carry out customs formalities in one of the pistachio-producing provinces and send the export cargo to the destination country by transport companies.

In Artin Production-Trading Company, all customs affairs are doing in a short period of time by experienced customs clearance workers.
For more details and also to receive the daily price of any type of pistachio kernels, contact our partners in the sales department.

Call us nowAn easier way is to complete the contact forms on the website of this collection.

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