Closed-Mouth pistachio kernels – Artin Nuts Company

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Closed-Mouth pistachio kernels

Closed-Mouth pistachio kernels – Artin Nuts Company

Closed-Mouth pistachio kernels are almost purple skin and perfect for use in pastries and confectioneries.  Artin Nuts company and factory produce and export pistachio nuts and kernels.

Closed-mouth pistachio kernels are one of the best-selling dried fruit products.
Pistachio kernels with different prices deliver from Iran to different world markets.

Iranian First-Class Pistachio Kernels

First-Class Pistachio Kernels

In Iran, there is a great variety of pistachio production.
In fact, the varieties of pistachio kernels are really wider than their in-shell nuts.

The most important and best-selling types of Iranian pistachio kernels are:

  • Green Pistachio Kernels (Peeled)
  • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels
  • KUL or Green Pistachio Kernels
  • Pistachio Granules
  • Pistachio Powder

Most of these pistachio kernels produce by cracking Closed-Mouth pistachio kernels of different varieties.
The point is that most of the buyers know the closed-mouth and purple skin pistachio kernels the same.
Each of these types of pistachio kernels can be produced from the following types of pistachios:

Fandoghi- Badami- Ahmad Aghaei – Koleghoochi

Iran’s first-class pistachio kernels have a significant sales volume in export markets.
All these varieties of pistachio kernels export to the world markets according to the target market taste and consumption.

Each of these products has its own specific target market and is preparing and packaging according to it.
Packaging of export-quality pistachio kernels is of great importance.

Artin Closed-Mouth Pistachio Kernels Selling Website

Closed-Mouth Pistachio Kernels

Closed-mouth pistachio kernels are one of the products with high production volume in Iran.
Since in all pistachio orchards, a percentage of the products are closed-mouth, these products are using in two directions.
One of the applications of closed mouth pistachios is the production of Mechanical-Open pistachio nuts.
But the most important and main use of this product is the production of pistachio kernels.

Closed mouth pistachio kernels are one of the excellent products for different markets. Especially when you want to use them as nuts or in snacks.
The Artin Nuts Company produces a different quality of pistachio kernels according to the hygienic standards by using closed-mouth pistachios.
For this reason, one of the major markets for this product are different European countries.
When you want to import pistachio kernels to EU countries, they should be free of Aflatoxin.

The Artin pistachio sales website is one of the supply centers for this product.
Since the freshness and good taste of the product is very important, the closed-mouth pistachio nuts will be broken after registering the order.

With this method, high-quality products will reach the final consumer in the Artin pistachio company.
You can visit the original Persian website of this company via the following link:

Artin’s Persian Website

In addition to producing various types of pistachio kernels, this company also performs customs affairs.
In other words, by registering the product order, you can receive it at the customs of the destination country.

Closed-Mouth Pistachio Kernels Export/Import

Closed-Mouth Pistachio Kernels

As mentioned in the previous sections, pistachio kernels have many customers.
This product is using in various global markets with various applications.
Closed-Mouth pistachio kernels are an aflatoxin-free product and one of the good options for export to Europe.

Close-Mouth pistachio kernels, along with peeled green pistachio kernels, have significant sales volumes in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Poland

In addition to Europe, various other countries buy this product from Iranian manufacturers.
To export/import these pistachio kernels, care must be taken that the main cargo is free of any foreign substances.

Since pistachio kernels crack by the machine, there are always pistachio shells and hard-skin among the pistachio kernels.
In the Artin company, in addition to manual sorting of products to remove foreign materials, laser sorting devices are also using.

These devices, which are multi-channel, separate a high percentage of pistachio waste and hard skins from the load.

Prices of Artin Pistachio Kernels

Artin Pistachio Kernels

The price of the closed-mouth pistachio kernel is directly related to the price of its original pistachio.
The price of closed-mouth pistachios also depends on the type and size of them.
Once these items are identified, the price of closed-mouth pistachio kernels will be determined.

Then we have to consider the following costs to determine the cost of the product in the customs of the destination country (CIF or CFR Price):

  • The cost of cracking pistachio nuts (In-shell Pistachios)
  • Cost of manual and machine sorting
  • Product packaging (bags, cartons, vacuum)
  • Carrying out customs affairs
  • Obtaining the necessary certificates for export/import
  • transport cost (Best on the term of the delivery)

By calculating all these items, you can calculate the price of the product before customs in the target country.
If you know the volume and type of product that you need, you can receive the price of the product you want in the shortest time.
All you have to do is call one of the experts at the Artin Sales Unit right now.

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