Crushed Pistachio Nuts for Pastries and Ice Cream

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Crushed Pistachio Nuts

Crushed Pistachio Nuts for Pastries and Ice Cream

Crushed pistachio nuts are the best choice for various pastries and ice-cream. Granulated and powdered pistachio kernels are perfect as well.

One of the main uses of pistachio kernels is for ice cream.
Granulated and crushed pistachio kernels have the most sales for this application.

Artin pistachio company is active in the field of major distribution of pistachio kernels.
In this company, not only pistachio granules are ready to sell but also various varieties and qualities of pistachio kernels are available.

Crushed Pistachio Nuts for Pastries and Ice-Cream

Crushed Pistachio Nuts for Pastries and Ice-CreamObviously, using pistachio kernels for ice cream is one of the uses of pistachios in our daily lives.
In ice cream, pistachio kernels are consumed in two ways:

  • At First, Adding to ice cream and forms pistachio ice cream.
  • Secondly, Using pistachio powder and slice for decorating ice-cream and pastries.

Pistachio kernels have different types and high diversity.
Below we have the names of pistachio kernels for you to get a little more familiar with them:

  • “KUL” or Green pistachio kernels
  • Wild pistachio kernels
  • Flowering or purple skin pistachio kernels
  • Peeled pistachio kernels
  • Normal and regular pistachio kernels
  • Also, Crushed and Granulated Pistachio Nuts
  • And also, Pistachio Slices, Slivers, and Powder

Now the question is which pistachio kernel will be better for ice-cream, pastry, or any type of chocolates. And which variety has more applications in these products.

Due to the cost of ice cream and the purchasing power of the people, cheaper and low-cost pistachio kernels are usually in use for ice cream.
Crushed pistachio nuts, which are cheaper, are widely using in the production of ice cream.
Due to the low cost of ice cream with this type of pistachio kernel, ice cream sales will be higher.

Artin pistachio kernel wholesale center

Artin pistachio kernel wholesale center

As we will explain in the next section, the freshness of pistachio kernels is very important.
Artin nuts and dried fruits company mainly sends and exports fresh pistachio kernels all over the world.

Another advantage of buying from the Artin company is that this company produces kernels exactly according to the customer’s requirement and type of consumption.
This means that after ordering your product, it will be ready and your pistachio kernel will be very fresh and of high quality.

Artin pistachio kernels are available in 50 kg bags or in cartons of 10, 12, and 5 kg.

Exporting/Importing Artin Pistachios to Your Country

Exporting/Importing Artin Pistachios to Your Country

Sending fresh pistachio kernels for ice cream and pastry will be one of the most important factors in the taste and freshness of ice cream and pastry.
Here we want to take a look at the production of different pistachio kernels and say what happens in pistachio kernel factories and workshops.

At first, the skin of pistachios is broken (Cracking procedure). Now we will have a mixture of pistachio skin and pistachio kernels.
Then the advanced laser sorting machine or other device separates pistachio skins from the pistachio kernels and our pistachio kernels are ready.

At the next stage, we need to divide pistachio kernels into main two groups.
A group is ready for market and a group goes back in devices to separate the soft and thin skin on the pistachio kernel (Peeling Stage).

Peeled pistachio kernels, which are often green in color, have two categories:
A category is ready for packaging and market.
Another category is in use to produce slices and slivers.

Pistachio Slice Production steps

Pistachio Slice Production steps

In fact, The following are the steps for producing pistachio slivers and slices.

  • Cracking the pistachio nuts
  • Separating hard pistachio skins from the pistachio kernels.
  • Peeling the thin skin of the kernels.
  • Finally, chopping and slicing pistachios based on the orders.

Now you may be wondering how we produce pistachio powder.
Pistachio powder is a product of small pistachios or even whole-shape pistachios, which get powder after cracking the skin and separating it in a machine.

Definitely, considering the stages of making pistachio kernels, its quality will be of interest to you.
For this reason, the Artin company intends to send direct shipments all over the world.

By sending pistachio kernels quickly, the quality and freshness of the final product will be extremely high. Therefore, it will satisfy the consumer and ice cream producer.

For more information, you can contact the sales department of this collection.

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