Daily Dried Barberries Price for Wholesale

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Dried Barberries Price

Daily Dried Barberries Price for Wholesale

Dried Barberries varieties export to many countries from Iran. Dried Barberries Price for Wholesale in Iran’s market is really affordable for many shopping centers or any other uses.

We introduce you Iranian dried barberries in this website.
Artinnuts company is a producer and exporter of dried barberry varieties that can give you following information:

  • Daily dried barberries price for import to your countries
  • Information about hoe to import barberries to your countries
  • Calculating all the costs of buying different quantities of barberries for your market
  • Presenting various packages for Iranian dried barberries even with your brands on them
  • Do customs procedure and CIF delivery to your countries ports

Iran wholesale market is the largest wholesale market for barberry for those who Import barberries.
In fact, Iran is the only producer and exporter of red-seedless barberry (among edible varieties).

In this wholesale market at different times of the year, dried barberry varieties are available for buy and sell.

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All the following information affect the dried barberries price when you want to buy.

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Dried Barberries Varieties

Dried Barberries Varieties

Red-Seedless barberries harvest from only one type of tree during the harvest season.
In other words, there are only one type of seedless red-edible barberry.
But how is dried barberry sold in different forms and varieties?

In answer to this question, it should note that there are different ways to dry and process barberry.
The difference between these methods causes the dried barberry of Iran to offer in different types in the market.

The most important types of dried barberries are:

  1. Pomegranate seed (Anari) barberries
  2. Puffy (Pofaki) barberries

Anari (Pomegranate Seed) Barberries

Anari Barberries

To produce “Anari” barberry, fresh barberries place under direct sunlight.
In this method barberry places in the open air for a few days.

Barberry produced by this method is called pomegranate seed or Anari barberry.
The most important indicators of this type of barberry are the following:

  • Dark color
  • Existence of crushed and bruised seeds
  • There is a rupture in some seeds
  • Low puffiness
    (All of these features are created during the production process)

In addition to the domestic market,  Anari barberry also has a good export market.
Russia, Iraq, Turkey, Ukraine and Australia are the buyers of this Iranian agricultural product.

Pofaki (Puffy) Barberries

Puffy Barberries

The process of producing puffy barberry is longer than other types of barberry.
As you can see in the picture above, in order to dry the Puffy Barberry, the products place on the pre-prepared shelves with their branch in the hall.

Barberries put on for about 3 to 4 months to lose its moisture.

In this way, which is done in the hall and away from sunlight, puffy (Pofaki) barberry is obtained with the following characteristics:

  • Bright red color
  • Puffy shape
  • Low crushing and tearing percentage
  • Less ash percentage

Due to the above conditions, puffy barberry has a higher price than other types of barberry.

Puffy barberry, like pomegranate seed barberry, has many buyers in international markets.
Australia, Canada, the United States, Kuwait, Germany and also Spain are the main customers of Iranian Pofaki Barberry.

Dried Barberries Price

Dried Barberries Price

Dried Barberries Price depends on many factors, the first and most important of which is the type of barberry.

After determining the type of barberry, we go to its quality parameters.

Some of these parameters, in addition to affecting the price, also have an effect on the weight of the product, which is very noticeable in the percentage of moisture.

After the moisture percentage, other criteria are effective in determining the price, some of which are as follows:

    • The amount of foreign matters
    •  Immature and unripe percentage
    • Percentage of barberries with tail
    • The amount of ash
    • Bruised rate
    • Packing

Obviously, All of the above are effective in determining the dried barberries price in Market.
For more information and to register your orders, you can contact the sales experts of the factory right now.

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