Do you want to Buy Iranian Anari Barberries Fruits?

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Buy Iranian Anari Barberries

Do you want to Buy Iranian Anari Barberries Fruits?

If you want to buy Iranian Anari barberries in large quantities to Import, you need to find an Iranian dried barberry fruits supplier and exporter.

When is the best time to buy Anari barberry?
Where to buy Iranian Anari and Pofaki barberries at a reasonable price in bulk?
What exactly is barberry fruit? Where to find Iranian barberry fruits and where to find the supplier and exporter of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris?

To get the answer to this question, it is necessary to examine the most activities of barberry producing units in this article.
In this article, we try to introduce the main producing factories and regions to you.

Please notice that barberry fruit in this article is red, seedless and edible.

Also, we will introduce to you the wholesale markets of seedless red barberry in Iran.

Anari Barberry Production Center

Anari Barberry Production Center

Anari barberry is seedless and it harvests from South Khorasan Province orchards in Iran.
There are many importers that buy Iranian Anari barberries to sell in their countries. The wholesale market of all these importers for Anari barberries is Iran.

The harvest season of this crop from the orchards of eastern Iran begins in September and continues until early November each year.
In order for the barberry to dry in the form of Anari after harvest, the producer should place barberry fruits under direct sunlight.
To do this, barberry seeds must first be separated from their branches.
This is usually done by tapping and hitting the branches on the tree or after removing the branch from it.

The barberries are then spread out in a large area to lose their moisture.
Initially, the moisture of barberry is more than 70%, which should be less than 16%.
Every few days, barberry growers and producers have to move the barberries so that all of them dries evenly.
On the other hand, if this transfer is not done in time, there is a possibility of pests in barberry with high moisture in the lower parts.

The best time to buy Iranian Anari barberries is 2 months after the time of harvesting barberry from the tree.
The main cities producing barberry in Iran are:

  1. GHAEN
  2. BIRJ
  3. Sarbishe
  4. ArianShahr
  5. Zirkouh

Each of these cities and regions offers different quality barberries in the market according to the weather conditions and the type of water in use.
The most concentration of barberry production and processing units are in Birjand and Ghaen.
Many traditional workshops and industrial and modern factories in this region of Iran produce various types of barberry fruits.

Wholesale Markets of Dried Anari Barberries to Buy

Dried Anari Barberries

Dried barberry of South Khorasan is available in various wholesale markets.
Most of this product is in the market along with other nuts in the markets of different cities in Iran.
Also, you can buy Iranian Anari and Pofaki barberries in your country from spieces shops and stores.

But the main markets from which barberry is sending to all over the world are as follows:

1- Barberry market of Mashhad
2- Tehran Nuts Markets
3- Birjand Wholesale Markets
4- Ghaen Barberry Factories

The products of South Khorasan Province are for sale throughout the country through these markets.
But in recent years, many barberry production units send products directly from Birjand and Ghainat to all over the world.

One of the companies active in the field of selling, exporting, and supplying barberry is the Artin production company.
This commercial center specializes in the production and sale of barberry and jujube.

Follow us to get more information in this regard.

Artin Pofaki and Anari Dried Barberry Fruits

Dried Barberry Fruits

In the Artin barberry production company, all kinds of fresh and dried barberry are available in bulk and also in small packages.
The season for selling fresh barberry is at the time of harvest, ie it is from September to November.
But dried barberry fruits are mainly available throughout the year in markets across the country (Iran) as well as for export to world markets.

In this production unit, similar to other producers, the time intervals of barberry supply to the market are as follows:

  • ANARI barberry: 50 days after harvest
  • POFAKI Barberry: 5 months after harvest

Of course, these times are approximate and according to the air temperature and weather conditions, it is possible to change it.
In other words, the lower the moisture and the higher the air temperature, the sooner the barberry will be ready for market.

After drying, barberry must be processed in several stages to be ready to buy and sell.
The most common and main stages of barberry processing are:

  • Removing Leafs
  • Removing Thorns
  • Separating tails of the barberry fruits
  • Then, Adding edible oils for the better appearance
  • Hand sorting
  • Also, Packing

These steps should be done more carefully, especially in export shipments, and in a completely hygienic environment.

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