Dried Barberries Bulk Purchase | Artin Iranian Zereshk

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Dried Barberries Bulk Purchase

Dried Barberries Bulk Purchase | Artin Iranian Zereshk

Dried barberries bulk purchase – Iranian Anari/Pofaki barberry – Artin Iranian Zereshk for wholesale – Export/Import of Berberis Vulgaris.

Where can you get the best prices for buying barberry in different types of Pofaki and Anari?
As you know, South Khorasan province, especially the central parts, has the highest production and sales.
One of the main centers of production, processing, packaging, sales, and export of dried barberries is active in this region of the country.

Many buyers, wholesalers, and exporters of barberry buy their products directly from this region of the country.
In the following, we will explain more about different types of barberry, its products, and some manufacturing companies.

If you have any plans for dried barberries bulk purchase, you can read this article completely.

Iranian Dried Barberries (Zereshk)

Iranian Dried Barberries

Barberry is one of the most valuable plants that has its place in our Iranian culture.
This plant grows in tropical regions such as the South Khorasan province of Iran.

South Khorasan, Birjand, and Qaen are the main centers of barberry production in the country.
There are different types of barberries.
Each person can buy and use a type of barberry according to their needs.

In general, and in the domestic market of Iran, Barberries have 3 different categories.
Below we will mention these 3 types of barberry.

  1. Dried Puffy Barberries
  2. Dried Anari Barberries
  3. Barberries for Fruit Rolls (Dark Red Barberries)

The main differences between these barberries are due to the type of drying.
For example, the Pofaki barberry is puffy and has a light red color.
This is because it does not dry out under the sun but hangs in barberry halls to lose moisture.
On the other hand, Anari barberry dries under the sunlight and is darker in color than puffy barberry.
Lavashki barberries (Barberries for Fruit Rolls) are also of lower quality in comparison with the previous three barberries.

This type of barberry is in use in the production of “fruit rolls”.

Dried Barberries Bulk Purchase Center

Dried Barberries Bulk Purchase

As we understood in the previous section, barberry has 3 main types and its production center is in Birjand.
Due to this issue, Birjand is the best place to buy barberry in bulk.
There are two main reasons for this:

  • At first, you can do purchase barberries at the lowest possible price.
  • Secondly, you have many choices in different qualities.

Due to these reasons, in order to buy barberry in bulk, you should buy it from the South Khorasan Province.

Of course, due to the advancement of technology, there will be no need to buy in person.
You can get barberry in your city/country with a simple call or with a few messages in cyberspace.
Of course, before buying, you must receive a sample of the load.

Because according to the light of the filming environment, the film can not be considered a criterion for the goodness of barberry.
The Artin company is also one of the factories and companies that have had many activities in this field.

In the next part, we have more details about this collection for you.

Dried Barberries Direct Purchase in Bulk

Dried Barberries Bulk Purchase

As we know, the best place to buy major types of barberry is Birjand.
In this city, several workshops are active in the production and processing of barberry.
In these workshops, sorting and packaging are the most important steps.
Artin dried fruit company is also one of the collections that are active in the field of production and sale of barberry.

One of the main concerns in buying barberry in bulk right now is the cost of products for the consumer.
This collection, with the structure it has created for the sale of barberry, tries to provide barberry to you at the lowest price.
On the other hand, due to this price reduction, the quality of barberry will also increase.

Because barberry buyers will have higher purchasing power.
For advice or to buy different types of barberry, you can contact the consultants of the Artin company.

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