Dried Barberries Fruits – Red Seedless Berberis Vulgaris

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Dried Barberries Fruits

Dried Barberries Fruits – Red Seedless Berberis Vulgaris

Dried Barberries Fruits in Red and Seedless varieties grow in Iran. Iranian Berberis Vulgaris exports to many countries such as Germany and France.

There are many uses for barberries. Not only the fruits of this tree but also the root bark and the tree itself is using for many purposes.
In fact, the main uses of barberry are for:

  1. Its dried barberries fruits (using in food and beverage industries)
  2. Its root bark (Using to extract BERBERINE and berberine in using to produce various medicines)
  3. And also Its tree (Using in parks as a decorative shrub)

Iranian Dried Barberris Fruits

Iranian Dried Barberris Fruits

The first market for barberry is for its fruits. Iranian people use barberry in their foods and many other food industries.
There are two main varieties of Barberry fruits in Iran:

  • Red Seedless Barberry (Persian Name: Zereshk Ghermez)
  • wild Black Barberry (Persian Name: Zereshk Syah)

The usages of black barberry are not that much and the main market refers to the red and seedless barberry fruits.
The orchards of red and seedless barberries located in the south Khorasan province of Iran. It’s where you can find saffron a lot.
Fresh barberry fruits do not use in Iranian culture and in fact, the main uses refer to the dried barberries.

After harvesting barberries, farmers dry these fruits in two main methods. The outcome of each method is a certain variety of dried barberries fruits:

  1. Firstly, When they harvest the barberry fruits from the trees and put them under the sunlight, the final product calls ANARI Zereshk in Iran. Anari Zereshk has a pomegranate-seed shape and dark red color.
  2. secondly, when they cut the branches, with fruits on them, from the tree, they hang them under a shoulder to avoid direct sunlight.
    undoubtedly, it takes more than 2 months for the fruits on the branches to get dry.
    But the outcome would have a puffy shape and light red color. This variety of dried barberry fruits call POFAKI Zereshk in Persian and have a puffy shape.

POFAKI Zereshk

POFAKI Zereshk

This type of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruit produces from the seedless and red barberry breeds.
The light color and the puffy shape are the main characteristics of this variety.

If you want to know the main market for this barberry, it exports to Canada, America, Australia, and Iraq in large quantities.
The percentage of foreign materials in POFAKI barberry cargos is really lower than other varieties and the expiry date of this product is longer.

ANARI Zereshk

ANARI Zereshk

Anari dried barberry fruits have dark red color and squeezed-shape. This type of barberry also harvests from the same tree and Berberis Vulgaris breeds.
In fact, both POFAKI and ANARI harvests from one type of shrub but the drying procedure is different. this different drying procedure makes the appearance of the final product different.

The main markets of ANARI Zereshk are Turkey, Russia, Germany, and Ukraine.

There are many uses for Iranian barberry fruits in the destination countries but the main usages are as follows:

Sweets and Confectionaries, Pastries and Ice-Cream, Drinks and Beverages, Foods and Restaurants, Tubacco and also using in Chocolates and Candies.

Artin Barberry Company Products

Barberry Company Products

The Artin company is a dried fruits production company located in South Khorasan province.
This company has established in 2013 aiming to present different and safe services regarding domestic and global markets for its export-oriented products.

You can see the list of main products of this company in the following video:

Of all the products in this video, Barberry is the oldest and main product of the Artin company.
Let us introduce you different qualities of the Artin barberries:

1. Common (Regular) Dried Barberries Fruits

In this variety, the level and amount of pesticides and microbiological parameters don’t test. In fact, these parameters and items are not important.

2. Healthy Dried Barberry Fruits

The amount of pesticides in this quality is less than 0.05 mg/kg.
Obviously, microbiological parameters are approved and based on standards in this quality of barberry.

3. Organic Dried Barberries Fruits

The amount of pesticides in this quality is less than 0.01 mg/kg and almost they should be not detected in test results.
Also, the microbiological parameters are according to hygienic standards.

The Root Barbk of Iranian Barberry

Root Barbk of Iranian Barberry

The main and the only usage of the barberries root barks is to extract BERBERINE.
barberry tree and barberry’s root bark is a source of berberine.
In fact, the yellow layer inside the Berberis Vulgaris root bark is the main source of berberine.

Berberine has many uses in the production of herbal medicines and there are many benefits in the berberine itself.
Iranian producers and farmers of barberry fruits have this ability to supply barberry for the buyers in Europe and Korea.

you can make direct contact to us for any further information about supplying barberry fruits and root barks:

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