Dried Barberries in Europe | Iranian Zereshk Supply

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Dried Barberries in Europe | Iranian Zereshk Supply

The Artin company and its partners supply Iranian Dried Barberries in Europe and especially German markets. Do you need Zereshk in bulk?

Iranian dried barberries are almost available in all the chain stores that supply Iranian products. By the way, we see Iranian dried barberries in Europe in spice shops.

POFAKI barberry is more in demand than Anari barberry because it has a lighter color and a lower moisture content.
In the market of European countries, barberry has different uses and applications, but the most volume of requests is for restaurants.
Iranian, Afghan, Turkish, and Arabic restaurants are buyers of Iranian barberry, which often produce puffy barberry in bulk.

But Iranian Anari Zereshk also has buyers in some markets; Especially food factories or beverage and confectionery manufacturers try to use Anari barberries because it has more juice and red color.
Therefore, there are various uses for dried barberries in Europe and these uses are increasing day by day.

Know More About Iranian Barberry Varieties

Barberry is one of the most valuable plants which are available in abundance in the South Khorasan region of Iran.
Fresh barberry has no long shelflife; Therefore, most of this product comes to the market as a dried fruit.

Iranian POFAKI and ANARI Zereshk are the most common and famous dried barberries not only in Europe but also in Iran’s market.
These barberries have differences from each other that these differences are due to the drying process.
These differences include the following:

  • Firstly, POFAKI (PUFFY) barberry will be dried in the barberry hall in the shade, while ANARI barberry will be dried in direct sunlight.
  • Secondly, POFAKI barberry is more expensive than ANARI barberry.
  • Thirdly, Puffy barberry is less crushed than Anari barberry.
  • Also, The drying time of puffy barberry is much longer than Anari barberry.
  • The price and quality of puffy barberry is generally higher than Anari barberry.
  • Also, POFAKI barberry also has a lighter color and is more customer friendly.

Export of Iranian Dried Barberries to Europe

We all know that large quantities of Khorasan barberry are in use for export from Iran.
Now we want to examine one of the main export markets of Iranian barberry.
European countries generally buy Iranian barberry for two reasons.

  1. At first, using barberry in restaurants and cooking
  2. Second, the Production of herbal medicines

For these reasons, high-quality barberries are generally in use to send to these countries.
European countries are very sensitive about the health of agricultural products.
Even certificates and tests in these countries will be needed, which other countries may not pay special attention to.
This makes organic barberry a good place in these countries. Organic barberries are barberries that producers don’t use any pesticides and toxins in the production.
Of course, high-quality barberries such as puffy barberry and organic barberry have a higher price.

In the next section, we have more information about the price of the barberry.

Prices of Puffy and Anari Barberry

Barberry price is one of the most important buying factors for any barberry buyer and trader.
Barberry prices are dependent on various parameters.
These parameters include the following:

  1. Type
  2. Color
  3. Moisture Comnetnt
  4. Destination Country
  5. Health Certificates that are considered by some countries

Puffy barberry is also the highest quality barberry among Iranian barberries.
In general, the price of this type of barberry is higher than other barberry varieties, but this is not the end of the story.
Due to market fluctuations, the exact price of barberry can not be calculated in USD.
On the other hand, due to the export of barberry, its price is highly dependent on the exchange rate of USD to IRR.

According to these points, it is recommended that you get the barberry price before your purchase.
Artin Company is one of the collections that performs various activities such as selling and exporting various types of barberry.
Due to the major supply of barberry in this company, you can get the barberry you want at the lowest price.

For advice, purchase, or export of first-class Iranian barberry, you can contact the consultants of Artin dried fruit company.

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