Dried Barberries in Russia | Iranian Barberry Exporter

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Dried Barberries in Russia

Dried Barberries in Russia | Iranian Barberry Exporter

Dried barberries in Russia are not that known. But there are various barberry candies in Russia. Artin company is an Iranian barberry exporter.

Wholesale of dried barberries for export to Russia is one of the activities of the Artin company.
These products are using in large quantities for export to Russia and Turkey.

The most important types of dried Iranian barberry are ANARI and POFAKI.
Both of these types of dried barberries have their own markets in Russia. Any way, Anari dried barberries in Russia are more common.
In this article, we will get familiar with the appearance characteristics of these products and how to determine the quality of barberry.

Dried Barberries in Iran

Dried Barberries in Iran

Iranian red barberry is seedless and harvests from the lush orchards of South Khorasan province.
In Iran, in addition to red barberry, there is another type of barberry.

This type of barberry, known as mountain barberry, is black in color and has a seed.
In fact, the other name of this product in Iran is “Black Barberry”.

The volume of mountain barberry production in Iran is very small and it is often using to produce barberry syrup and beverages.
But the production volume of Iranian red barberries is rally higher than black barberry.

The most important and main cities producing this product are as follows:

Birjand – Qa’en- Hajiabad Zirkuh – Darmian – Sarbisheh – Arinshahr

In each of these cities, products with special features are available.
For example, in some areas, the barberries are very large in size, and in some others, the color of the barberry is bright red.

All these features depend on the weather conditions and the type of water using to irrigate the orchards.
The main types of dried barberry in Iran that are known in domestic and international markets are:

  • Anari Barberries
  • Pofaki Barberries
  • Black Barberries

In the following sections, we will provide the necessary explanations about the features and how to identify these types.
Also, you can know more about Iranian dried barberries in Russia and Iranian dried barberry exporters.

Wholesale of Barberries for Export/Import

Wholesale of Barberries

Major volumes of barberry are mostly available in producing areas where you can find products with affordable wholesale prices.
But export-quality barberry is produced with different conditions and different sorting, and a limited number of companies are leading in this field.

In addition to accuracy and attention to hygienic conditions in the production process, bulk barberry packaging for export is also important.
Some activists in this field use acceptable packaging.
One of the companies active in the field of barberry export/import is Artin Barberry Company.
In this collection, dried barberry is available in bulk for foreign markets.

Iranian barberry is exporting to different countries.
Russia is one of the main buyers of Iranian barberry.
In this country with a high population, the largest volume of barberry exports is related to Anari barberry.

The season for preparing Anari barberry for bulk sale is approximately 2 months after the harvest season.
Barberry harvest season in South Khorasan province begins in late September and usually lasts until late November.

Pomegranate seed barberry can lose weight at the beginning of the season. The reason is that the moisture does not reach the standard level.
Barberry moisture for international markets should not be more than 16%.
This issue is also mentioned in standard 3337 of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran.

How to Determine the Quality of Export Barberry

Quality of Export Barberry

In this section, we present the appearance characteristics of dried barberries.
Familiarity with these parameters is very important when buying barberry in major volumes.

Features of Barberry ANARI Barberry:

ANARI barberry has high juice and density.
This product has a darker color than other types of barberry (because of the way it dries under the sunlight).
This product has some small sands due to the drying method.

The percentage of total ash in Anari barberry should not exceed %3.5.
The crushing percentage in this type of barberry is high.

Anari barberry has more moisture than other types.

Features of POFAKI Barberry:

POFAKI barberries are completely puffy-shape.
The stickiness in puffy barberry is less than in other types.
The color of the POFAKI barberry is light (this product dries in the barberry field away from direct sunlight).

The moisture content of puffy barberry is lower than other types of barberry.
The amount of ash in this drying method is close to zero.

The above are the main features to distinguish the type of barberry and its quality.
When buying barberry, some general parameters should be considered separately from the type of product.

The main ones are:

  1. The amount of moisture
  2. The number of foreign materials (gravel, razor, leaves, etc.)
  3. Percentage of barberries with tail on them
  4. Proper packaging
  5. Type of oil using in the processing procedure

The extent of each of these parameters should be under the standards of barberry.

Dried Barberries Wholesale Prices for Russia

Dried Barberries Wholesale Prices

The wholesale price of dried barberry is very important when exporting/importing.
The best option for buying bulk barberry for export are active producers and exporters in South Khorasan province.

Of course, the supply capacity and production capacity of these units must be examined before order registration.
In Artin company, as one of the activists in this field, dried barberry is exporting to many different countries.

To receive the daily price of the products, you can contact the Artin sales unit.
Because to export barberry, you need to buy a product with special parameters.

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