Dried Barberry Exporter | Iranian Zereshk Supplier

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Dried Barberry Exporter | Iranian Zereshk Supplier

Dried Barberry Exporter | Iranian Zereshk Supplier

Dried barberry exporter and supplier is not a common company to find. In fact, Iranian Zereshk is recently growing its market around the world.

Artin Trading Company is one of the suppliers of barberry for more than 15 countries. In fact, the advantage of this company is that they are a producer as well.

Iranian barberry, especially Anari and Pofaki barberries are some of the best-selling export products of this company. In fact, as their main business, the Artin company is a dried barberry exporter.

Barberry is one of the strategic products of Khorasan province in Iran and every day you see this product in the market of other countries more and more.

The most important buyers of this product are Canada, Australia, Germany, Turkey, and Ukraine.
Many countries in recent years are searching to buy Iranian Zereshk, especially in bulk. Because Iran is the only producer of dried barberry that its barberries have the following features:

  1. At first, Iranian dried barberries are “Red”
  2. Secondly, these barberry fruits are “Edible”
  3. Finally, Iranian dried barberries are “Seedless”

In other countries, non-edible barberry is commonly grown. In fact, they are ornamental barberries.

Barberry Production & Supply Center in Iran

Barberry Production & Supply Center in IranRed barberry is available in different cities of the South Khorasan province of Iran.
Different rural areas of this region are full of agricultural barberry orchards:

In this region of the country, different types of barberry are available and grow.
The main products that are well known for their high production and sales volume in the market are Puffy or Pofaki barberry and Iranian Anari barberry.

These two varieties are both harvested from the same tree but differ in the way they are dried and processed.
Puffy barberry has a more puffy shape and its moisture content is lower than others and its juice content is less.
But Anari barberry has a squeezed state but has a much higher juice that is in use for the production of various foods, candies, and pastries, even ice cream.

Each of these products is in use for different applications.
Different countries choose the appropriate type according to their needs and consumption.
The following is a description of the price of the products. But in general, Anari barberry is cheaper than Pofaki barberry.

If you are searching for a dried barberry exporter, if this exporter is a producer of Iranian Zereshk as well, it can provide both varieties with various qualities for you.

The Artin Co., An Iranian Barberry Exporter

The Artin Co., An Iranian Barberry Exporterthe Artin barberry production company is one of the companies exporting all kinds of Iranian dried barberries.
This company’s orchards are mostly barberry orchards and the other production of this company is Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels.

In terms of production volume and active lines in the field of barberry processing, the company has a significant production volume.
Different markets of countries around the world are the main buyers of this company.
The largest volume of Artin’s exports are for the following companies:

  1. Canada
  2. Germany
  3. Russia
  4. Turkey
  5. Iraq
  6. Australia
  7. Ukraine

For each of these countries, a specific type of barberry is suitable for export/import.
If you want to export/import barberry from Iran, you can use the free advice of our colleagues in the sales department.

Barberry exporters are often active in South Khorasan Province because they are close to the production center.
You can follow us to know about the prices of these products.

Prices of Iranian Barberries

Prices of Iranian BarberriesThe price of barberry depends on several parameters. The most important is the type of barberry.
Among barberry varieties, the puffy variety has a higher price and the Anari variety is always cheaper than others.

After that, quality parameters have a direct impact on the price of barberry. In fact, quality affects the price of all products.
The most important criteria for determining the quality of barberry are as follows:

  • Puffy shape
  • Moisture content
  • No foreign maters
  • Uniformity of color and shape
  • Barberry size
  • Packaging

All this can change the price of barberry. In this regard, to buy barberry, observing the quality closely is essential.
Unfortunately, prices in the Iranian market are not fixed and permanent and change during the month.
For this reason, you can contact the company’s sales department right now to receive the current price.
Our partners are ready to put the necessary information at your disposal.

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