Dried Barberry Exporter to Georgia

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Dried Barberry Exporter

Dried Barberry Exporter to Georgia

Which company in Iran known as a dried barberry exporter to Georgia? Can we receive Iranian dried barberry in Georgia for wholesale with perfect and competitive price?

In reply to the above mentioned question briefly, we can give you following answer:
Artinnuts Barberry Company is a dried barberry exporter to Georgia directly.
But you might need following information about barberry for this business.

Iran is known as the largest producer and exporter of barberry in the world and has various target markets in Asia, Europe and sometimes in the US.
As the level of knowledge and skills of barberry producers in South Khorasan has increased in recent years, the level of barberry quality in the region has increased significantly.

South Khorasan Barberry Types:

Barberry Exporter to Georgia

South Khorasan has the highest level of orchards of barberry.
In the year 2019 in this region 18,800 tons of fresh barberry were harvested from the orchards of Qayen, Birjand and others.
There are several ways to dry barberry. The difference between the methods of drying and the product processing makes the dried barberry available in two main types.

1. Anari Barberry: This type of barberry drys by direct sunlight. Its color is much darker than other types. Anari Barberries are ready for sale in local and international markets about a month after the harvest season.

2. Pofaki Barberry: Puffy barberries are kept indoors and out of the sun and it takes about 3 to 4 months for the barberry to lose moisture. Pofaki Barberry is lighter in color and perfectly puffy.

Of course, the color and size of the barberry depends on other parameters. The type of climate, type of water (salty or sweet), pruning and harvesting time are the most important factors affecting crop quality.

Other varieties of barberry are also produced in Iran, but the largest volume of sales and exports is related to the two types of Anari and Pofaki barberry.
Artinnuts Co. as an Iranian dried barberry exporter to Georgia produce these two types mainly.

Features of a good barberry:

Good Barberry Features

There are different criteria and parameters to determine the quality of barberry. Some parameters are measurable in appearance, but others must be examined by laboratories approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Some of the most important features to consider for a good barberry are:

  • The amount of foreign material (leaves, thorns, gravel, etc.)
  • Tail rate
  • Moisture content
  • Package type
  • Place of storage
  • Ash percentage

All of these can be studied in Pofaki and Anari barberry.

How to Export Barberry to Georgia:

Barberry Exporter to Georgia

To export barberry first of all, you should choose the right packaging for it.
Because it can prevent damage and discoloration over a long distance to Georgia.
For high durability it recommends to use cotton and nano bags before placing barberry in carton. This method was first founded by the Artin Barberry Factory.

In this method the shelf life of barberry increases and prevent the creation of worms and insects in the load.
Also, for sure, barberry can be disinfected with Aluminium phosphide under the supervision of customs approved experts.

For export of barberry to Georgia, usually the container or trailer transports to Azerbaijan via Bilasuvar or Astara border and then goes to Georgia.

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