Dried Barberry Exporter to Russia | Барбарис сушеный (плоды)

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Barberry Exporter to Russia

Dried Barberry Exporter to Russia | Барбарис сушеный (плоды)

Artin company is a dried barberry exporter to Russia that produces its own barberry fruits in Iran. Барбарис сушеный (плоды) is its Russian name.

Artin Barberry factory is an exporter of barberry to Russia.
Pomegranate seed barberry and puffy barberry have their own customers in this market.

In the Russian market, having a competitive price is one of the important parameters of imports from Iran.

Iranian Barberry Varieties (Сорта иранского барбариса)

Iranian Barberry Varieties

Iran is known as a center for the production of edible barberry.

As you know, in addition to edible barberry, there are also varieties of ornamental barberry that grow mostly in East Asian countries.

But edible barberry divides into two main categories:

Black barberry – Wild type finding in mountains (Барбарис черный)
Red Barberry – Regular type growing in orchards (Красный Барбарис)

The most important characteristics of Black-Barberry are black color and the seeds inside the berries.
In fact, Red-Barberry has no seed in it but black barberry has a seed inside.

The volume of black barberry harvest from highlands and mountainous areas in northeastern Iran is not very large.
This product is mostly using to prepare various types of barberry juice and syrup.

But the market characteristic of Iranian normal barberry is red color and without seeds.
The main center of barberry production is in eastern Iran, in other words in South Khorasan province.

Edible red-barberry shrubs are one type, but different methods of drying barberry cause barberry to be sold under different names.

The most well-known types of dried barberry in Iran are pomegranate seed barberry and puffy barberry.

The Persian name of barberry in Iran is Zereshk. But if you are an importer or exporter of barberry to Russia, They know Барбарис (Barberry). Also, Uzbak barberries are really similar to Iranian Black Barberries.

The process of preparing barberries for pomegranate seeds and puffy is different.
Unlike puffy barberry, which takes 4 to 5 months to dry, pomegranate seed barberry is ready to be marketed in less than 2 months.

Which type of Barberry fruit does export to Russia?

Barberry fruit

One of the main target markets of Iranian barberry is the large market of Russia and other CIS countries.

Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan are the main buyers of Iranian barberry.

Since the Russian market is very large and diverse, Iranian barberry has different buyers in this market.
But among barberry varieties, the highest sales of barberry export companies to Russia are related to pomegranate seed barberry.
Puffy barberry is shipped in smaller quantities to this large market.

The main reason for the high volume of pomegranate barberry exports is its reasonable price in the market.
In trade with Russia, the primary parameter is the price of the product, and in the next category, quality is considered by customers.

But some customers and certain companies are sensitive to quality and prefer to buy Persian Puffy Zereshk.

Dried Barberries Price for Russia Market

Barberries Price for Russia

As mentioned, having a reasonable price in the Russian market can make sales very easy.
You should find a barberry exporter to Russia that also produces it’s own product to give you more affordable prices.

But it should not be done in such a way that the quality of barberry or its moisture content is out of the ordinary.
If we want to arrange the prices of barberry varieties in order of quality from the cheapest to the most expensive, it is as follows:

Barberry pomegranate seeds (Persian ANARI Zereshk)
Black Barberry (Wild Zereshk)
Puffy Barberry (Persian POFAKI Zereshk)

Pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper than other types and the most important reason is how it dries.
To dry pomegranate barberry, this product places in direct sunlight, which causes the color of barberry to darken.

But there are other ways to make the product available in the market with a lighter color.

Artin Barberry Exporter to Russia

Barberry Exporter to Russia

One of the companies as an exporter of barberry to Russia is the Artin Barberry Production Group.

The company has 7 active workshops in South Khorasan province as the center of barberry production in the world, sells its products directly in the market.

The commercial office of this company is in the holy city of Mashhad to carry out customs affairs and obtain the necessary certificates for export.

In this collection, customers try to receive their product at the lowest cost.

For this reason, various online purchasing infrastructures are providing for importer customers.
To buy barberry in absentia and online, you can do the following steps:

  1. Contacting the sales unit or completing the forms available on the Artin company website

    • Receiving the daily price of products and images of the specified loads
    • Receiving product samples in each city or country
    • Determining the amount of purchase volume and the final price agreement
    • Sending an official pre-invoice and determining the type of payment
    • Product preparation and product packaging
    • Carrying out customs affairs and sending documents to the customer
    • Transporting and sending cargo to the destination country

    All customs affairs for orders of more than 5 tons are done completely free of charge by the business team of Artin Barberry Company.

    Here you can visit the Persian website of Artin Co.: https://artinnuts.com

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