Dried Barberry in London | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

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Dried Barberry in London

Dried Barberry in London | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

There are few companies that sell dried barberry in London. This product is in fact Iranian dried Berberis Vulgaris fruit that is red and seedless.

Iranian dried barberry has significant sales in London and other cities in the United Kingdom. The import volume of this product is not high. But each year we see a significant increase in this import volume that shows us a good market for the future.

Dried barberry fruit has 2 different varieties in the market and both varieties are available for export/import.
These important Iranian dried barberries are ANARI Zereshk and POFAKI Zereshk. These are the traditional and Persian names of these varieties that literally mean Pomegranate-seed-shape and Puffy-shape barberries

Each of these types of barberry has its own production and drying methods.
Puffy dried barberry is more common in London markets and shops.

How to produce and use barberry

How to produce and use barberryThere are several ways to produce dried barberry.
Since Iranian red barberry has only one type of shrub, different drying methods produce different barberry. As a matter of fact, the drying method causes the final product to have different varieties but the fresh red barberry in Iran is only one type.

After harvesting, barberries are either dried under the sunlight or under the shade.
When the producer exposes barberries to direct sunlight, the dried barberry would be pomegranate-seed-shape (ANARI) type.
And when the producer puts barberries in the drying warehouses where there is no direct sunlight, the product would be the Puffy-shape barberry.

Barberry has different uses, so you find it in various domestic and export markets.
Puffy barberry is in use in restaurants and packaging for shops due to its light color.

Pomegranate-seed barberry is also in use for the above, but most of this product is to produce a variety of soda, sweets, and ice cream.
The type of barberry (for export) is according to the type of application and also the country of destination.

For this issue, you can use the advice of our colleagues in the Artin Barberry Company.

Major Barberry Sales and Import for England

Major Barberry Sales and Import for EnglandKhorasan barberry has many buyers in London.
This product has a significant sales volume due to its various uses and applications.
Iranian, Turkish, Afghan, and Arab shops and restaurants use Iranian barberry.

The variety of uses of this product and the greater familiarity of people in other countries has increased the volume of barberry exports from Iran.
The most important characteristic of Iranian barberry is its seedlessness and redness.
Barberry harvest season starts in late summer and early autumn.
But their preparation time varies according to the type of barberry.

The production process of Anari barberry is about 2 months and puffy barberry more than 4 months.
For this reason, ANARI barberry determines the price of barberry in the market every year.

Artin production company is one of the exporters of Iranian barberry.
Also, the Artin company exports Iranian dried barberry to London and some other countries in Europe.
Depending on the volume of purchases and orders, they should determine the type of transportation.

Air delivery has high shipping and ancillary costs.

Barberry Prices for London Market

Barberry Prices for London MarketThe daily price of Iranian barberry for export depends on various parameters.
The most important factor determining the price of barberry is the supply and demand in the market.
In years when drought and weather conditions cause less production of this product in Iran, the price of barberry usually increases.

After this, the quality and packaging of the product are the parameters affecting the price of this agricultural product.
The most important characteristics based on which the quality of barberry is measured are as follows:

  • Being clean and uniform
  • Moisture content
  • Amount of foreign matter including thorns, leaves, and…
  • The number of barberries with tail
  • Type of bulk or small packaging
  • The amount of soluble ash in Anari barberry
  • The size of the product

In the following, you can see the price list of barberry and jujube in the Artin production company.
But for more information, you can contact the sales department of this company.

Artinnuts ContactAsk our partners to send you pictures of available products along with daily prices on social media.
If necessary, you can also register a request to receive a sample in the sales unit.
Sample products will be sent to your request as soon as possible.
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