Dried Barberry Price for Import from Iran

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Dried Barberry Price

Dried Barberry Price for Import from Iran

Dried barberry price in Iran as the producer of red-edible barberries (Seedless Berberis Vulgaris Fruit) is lower for import and sell in high quantities.

How much is the price of each Kg of Iranian puffy-shape and pomegranate-seeds-shape barberry in the wholesale market?
This question is one of the main questions for buying major export/import orders of dried barberries.
But for the export of barberry, certain parameters are necessary, which we will examine in this article.
Obviously, there are many quality parameters affecting the dried barberry price.
Also, you can achieve more information about Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruit on the Artin company’s pages on social networks and medias:

Export-Quality Iranian Dried Barberry Fruits

Iranian Dried Barberry Fruits

For the export/import of barberry fruit, it cannot be processed under the conditions of barberries that are offering for domestic sale.
For domestic sales of barberry, barberries mix with a large volume of water before processing, and the final moisture is different.
If this amount is more than a certain limit, it will cause the product to weigh more when presented to the customer.

In other words, after a while, barberry loses its moisture and the weight of the product decreases.
This is one of the main differences that should be considered in the processing of export-quality barberry.
In fact, the moisture content of export-quality barberry is lower than other qualities. Obviously, this issue can affect the price of the product.

In this way, the price of each kg of the barberry fruit also varies because due to the increase in weight, the producer can offer the product at a cheaper price.
So the cheaper price is definitely not always unreasonable.

Another feature of barberry for export is having the right and suitable packaging.

Due to the fact that barberry fruit has a minimum moisture content (standard limit up to 16%), packaging should use so that the product does not sweat.

In the following, we will examine the appropriate packaging for barberry exports.

Artin Barberries Export-Packaging

Artin Barberries

Plastic is not using for barberry exports due to its long distance from Iran to the destination market.
The main reason is that barberry if it sweats, changes color quickly, and increases the possibility of pest infestation.

Notice: Barberry Sweat means that barberry loses its moisture in the package and this moisture appears in the form of water droplets in the package.

On the other hand, some countries do not healthily confirm that the product directly touches the cartons’ inner surface.
This applies to both white and brown cartons.
For this reason, there are two general methods for packaging barberry for export/import by the Artin Company.
Each of these methods has a direct impact on the price of each kilogram of barberry, which we will discuss below:

  • Packaging with greaseproof paper:

In this method, greaseproof papers place on 4 sides to reduce the relationship between the product and the carton.
But in this method, if the carton is 3 layers thin and is damaged in the path, the possibility of barberry spilling is high.
At high volumes and over long distances these issues are inevitable.

  • Packing with fabric bag:

One of the innovations and researches of the R&D department of Artin factory on the packaging, which has taken about 2 years.
In this method, a special type of fabric with a specific thickness is using.
The workers first pour the product into fabric bags and then sew the lids by a thread.

Then workers place the bags in the cartons. In this way, in addition to not direct contact of the product with the carton, the probability of barberry spilling will be close to zero.

Iranian Dried Barberry Fruits Price

Iranian Dried Barberry Fruits

Now, after the necessary explanations about the characteristics of barberry for export/import, we come to the discussion of the current price of different types of barberry production in Iran.

As you may know, barberry in Iran is selling in 2 general types and varieties in dried-form in the market:

  • Pomegranate-seed-shape barberries (this variety is the Anari Zereshk in the Persian market)
  • Puffy-shape barberries (this variety is the Pofaki Zereshk in the Persian market)

There are some quality parameters affecting the wholesale price of barberry in different markets.
That’s why you can not find a price list easily.
Anyway, there are some prices of Iranian barberry fruits in Iran’s wholesale market:

  • Puffy barberry _ Regular Quality _ Light Color _ Artin Export Packages: 3 USD/Kg, FOB_B.Abbas (September 2020)
  • Pomegranate barberry _ Regular Quality _ Artin Export Packages: 2.2 USD/Kg, FOB_B.Abbas (September 2020)
  • Puffy barberry _ Organic Quality _ Light Color _ Artin Export Packages: 4.5 USD/Kg, FOB_B.Abbas (September 2020)

To register an order, be sure to contact the sales department.
Also, when buying barberry in bulk, especially for export/import to world markets, the quality characteristics of the product should also be considered.

Barberry Quality Parameters

You can see the main features and quality parameters below:

  • Moisture content
  • Uniformity of color and shape
  • Physicochemical approval
  • Percentage of barberries with tail
  • Percentage of immaturity and white color barberries
  • The percentage of foreign matters
  • Packaging
  • Also Freshness and good taste

All these factors will be effective in determining the quality and price of barberry.
To export barberry, we have to choose the type of product with careful marketing research.
For example, for Germany, all types can be sent, but there are special customers in this market for each type.

Along with these types of barberry, berberine powder is using as an active ingredient extracted from the trunk and root bark of the barberry tree in pharmaceutical companies.

If you need advice and guidance regarding the export of barberry, you can fill out the forms on our website.
Our colleagues in the sales department will contact you as soon as possible.

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