Dried Barberry Price – Iranian Zereshk Supplier

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Dried Barberry Price

Dried Barberry Price – Iranian Zereshk Supplier

Which supplier of Iranian Zereshk (barberries) does all the customs procedure of the product to the target country? Is it economical to buy the product in Iran or to deliver it to the customs office of destination? What is the Export Process of Barberry in Iran? Is the dried barberry price difference, between Iran and other countries, significant? Follow us on to get answers to these questions.

Iranian Dried Barberry (Berberis Vulgaris)

Iranian Zereshk

Iran is known as the largest producer of edible red barberry.
The thing to note is that all the dried barberries on the market are only harvested from one type of shrub. Different processing methods make dried barberry varied.
There are also several names of this product in the market (Dried Barberry Price doesn’t depend on these names because they are all the same product):

  • Zereshk (sometimes Zeresht and Zereshg)
  • Barberry
  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • Iranian Red Berry
  • Berberitzen

Dried Barberry (Zereshk) Different Types

Dried Barberry Types

As mentioned, dried barberry has varieties that two types of them are more well known than the others.
Most of the sales in the international market dedicates to these two products.

  1. “Dane Anari” Barberry:
    The most important parameters of Anari barberry are dark color, juiciness, high grade and higher compressed shape.
    Anari Barberries are ready for market almost a month after the harvest season.
    Birjand and Qa’en, located in South Khorasan province have main largest orchards of Iranian Red Berry.
    Of Course, Anari has the lower dried barberry price among all the types of this product.
    Because of these features, Anari barberry have high level of sales in Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, Turkey and Iraq.
  2. “Pofaki” Barberry:
    If we want to consider the criteria of Pofaki Barberry, the most important ones are bright color, puffy berries, low moisture content and no crushing of barberries.
    The process of producing barberry is about 3-4 months. This way the barberry will dry and prepare without direct sunlight therefor a very high quality product will prepare.

Considering the characteristics of ANARI and POFAKI barberry, it should be noted that the dried barberry price of Pofaki type is always higher than Anari berberis vulgaris.

Where to Buy Iranian Dried Barberry?

Buy Iranian Barberry

Exporting barberry from Iran to all countries has a very simple procedure.
Any way, at some points, it is necessary to consult with experts in this field.
Prior to 2017, barberry import did not need Health Certificate, but with the increase in barberry imports, exporters require to obtain various certificates from organizations specially in Iran (indeed the Origin country).

Before transporting the barberry to the customs, it must examine for the quality of the product and the type of packaging so that there is no problem at the customs of origin and destination.
By the way, If you need to know more about these parameters, you can read more articles of Artinnuts website.

Prior to declaring barberry to Origin Customs, applying for Health Certificate must submit to the Department of Food and Drug Administration and after receiving the initial approval, the cargo can declare to the custom.

Subsequently, according to the customs letter to the Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization, the exporting company must present a confirmation stating that its barberry is agronomic and submit it to the customs assessor.
The Phytosanitary Certificate will provide, and with other administrative processes the certificate of origin will obtain from the Chamber of Commerce and the load will ship to the country of destination.

The Artin Barberry Company has a special services for merchants, one of which is to get all the certificates and do the customs procedure at no cost in the shortest possible time.

Dried Barberry Price in other countries

Dried Barberry Price

As the survey of different countries’ chain stores and online stores shows:
The Iranian dried barberry price is very high in the markets of CIS countries, Europe and some US countries.
But there are certainly some middlemen until Barberry comes from Iran to that store. Most of the profits are likely to come from a company in the country that buys this product directly from a barberry exporter and supplier in Iran.

It should be noted, however, that the method of sending the barberry is also important. More precisely, if the barberry ships in small volumes by air, it costs almost 10 times as much as the bulk product (full container or group with other products) by land Or the sea.

There are many Iranain Zereshk Suppliers in Iran. Only a few of them can deliver the products to your destination country. Artinnuts Barberry is one of these Suppliers and Exporters.

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