Dried Jujube Fruits | Iranian Artin Nuts Production Co.

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Dried Jujube Fruits

Dried Jujube Fruits | Iranian Artin Nuts Production Co.

Dried jujube fruits are available in Iran but the size of these jujubes is smaller than Chinese jujubes. Iranian Artin Nuts exports red dates.

Iranian dried jujube with the best quality and price is available in the market by Artin production company.
The Artin jujube fruit is mainly in 5 big size codes and 2 small size codes in the market.

The jujube harvest season in Iran begins in August.
In different areas of the Khorasan province of Iran, jujube is cultivated on a very large scale.
Birjand and Qa’en have the most jujube products in South Khorasan province.

Dried Jujube Fruits for Sale

Dried Jujube Fruits for Sale

South Khorasan province is the largest producer of jujube in Iran.
Iran produces red jujube in a large volume in the central regions of this province.
Iranian jujube is available in the markets of some countries, including India, Pakistan, and Iraq.

But due to the fact that China has a large production volume of jujube with much larger sizes, the global market is in the hands of this product.
Most of the Birjand jujube markets are in Iranian domestic markets.
The increase in demand for this product is more in the cold seasons of the year. It’s because jujube is using to treat various diseases referring to colds.
Jujube has very high medicinal properties.

One of the production units that are active in the sale of this product is the Artin jujube production company.
The Artin company classifies dried jujube fruits into 7 codes based on size and distributes them in the country market.

Jujube Categorizing and Pricing

Jujube Categorizing and Pricing

Two general methods are in use for sizing and sorting jujube.
It is either by using vibrating sorting devices or by hand trays and sieves for sorting this product.

Most production units and farmers dry jujube completely at the beginning of the season.
With this method, the shelf life of jujube fruit is much longer than its fresh state.
Once the jujube is completely dry and loses its moisture, the product is ready to be sieved and sized.

At this stage, the producer sorts all jujubes with different sieves.
In the Artin production company, there are 2 codes for small-size dried jujube fruits that commonly called medicinal jujubes.
Powdering jujube and grounding jujube are the other names of these varieties of the product.
The other 5 codes are larger jujubes with fewer wrinkles.
These jujubes are nut-jujube, have many buyers in the public market.
In fact, these sizes are good to sell in shops as some kinds of nuts and dried fruits.

For buyers of jujube fruits, the size and amount of jujube wrinkles along with its color is very important.

Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties of Red-Dates (Jujube)

Therapeutic Properties of Red-Dates

Jujube is one of the fruits that is using both fresh and dried.
Much has been said about jujube in ancient scientific books, especially in the books of Ibn Sina.

Jujube is in use to treat various diseases due to its many medicinal properties.
Both jujube fruit and jujube tree leaves are in use in the preparation of various herbal teas.
Jujube or its seeds is widely in use in many drugs of pharmaceutical companies in the world.

See the table of the nutritional value of jujube below.

جدول ارزش غذایی عناب

The main and most important properties of this product are as follows (briefly):

  • Regulate blood circulation
  • Strengthen bones
  • Improves gastrointestinal function
  • depression treatment
  • Improves sleep deprivation and stress
  • flu treatment
  • Liver protection
  • Lower blood pressure

To treat any of these cases, jujube or its leaves must be used in a special way.
But this product has many properties and its daily consumption can fully determine the effects of improvement in the long run.

Supplying Artin Medicinal Dried Jujube Fruits

Artin Medicinal Dried Jujube

Small size jujubes do not have many fans in selling nuts due to their small size and wrinkles.
This product is much cheaper than nutty and coarse jujube.

In a year when the price of the best jujubes is about 4 USD/Kg, the price of small medicinal jujube is less than 0.5 USD/Kg.
The reasonable price of these jujubes has caused various pharmaceutical companies to be buyers of Iranian dried red-dates.
For example, The Barij-Essence Pharmaceutical Company, which is very well known in Iran, produces jujube syrup.
In India and Pakistan, the Iranian jujube is also widely in use.

Since the taste of this product is close to Indian tamarinds, this product is also in use in the production of Indian tamarinds.
If you need to receive images of all 7 Artin jujube codes, you can contact our partners.
The Artin sales unit will provide you with all the information about the product as well as its price.

The Artin company produces and sorts dried jujube professionally.
You can visit the Artin nuts Persian website or contact us directly.

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