Dried Jujube Wholesale Center | Iranian Sweet Red Dates

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Dried Jujube Wholesale Center | Iranian Sweet Red Dates

Dried jujube wholesale center in Iran is in Khorasan province. It’s where you find Iranian sweet red dates in large volumes and in bulk.

Buying dried jujube online is a good opportunity to get the highest quality jujube at the best price.
This opportunity is the result of the formation of online wholesale websites.

In recent years, various stores and websites have been active in the field of bulk supply of products. Among all these websites in Iran, The Artin company website is active in the business of wholesaling and exporting its products:


Jujube in dry form has a high shelf life and therefore it’s available all year round.
Obviously, if you want to find the dried jujube wholesale center to purchase this product, you need to know more about Iranian sweet red dates.

Dried Jujube Online Wholesale Websites

The advancement of technology has always had a great impact on human life. Technology enables humans to do many things remotely.
There was a time in the past when there was no technology and many people had to travel long distances to get things done.
In this way, they endured many difficulties and problems in their business. In addition, there was a lot of time spent and its side costs.

But day by day, with the flourishing of technology and the advancement of technology, we see all these problems have solutions.
Today, a very easy path is available for many human affairs, which in addition also accelerate the performance of affairs.

In recent years, with the development of technology and the Internet, online wholesale centers have an important role in business activities.
Nowadays, there is no need to visit and spend time in markets and shops to procure many goods and necessities.
Rather, each person can get the goods he needs with just a small search with the best price and quality.

Purchasing Dried Jujube Online

Jujube is a tropical product that is a good opportunity for the growth and cultivation of this product in tropical regions of Iran.
Among these areas, the South Khorasan province produces the largest volume of Iranian red dates.

In fact, 97% of the volume of jujube production in the country is for this region and we can say that this region is the center of jujube production in Iran and even in the Middle East.

This region, because it is the center of jujube production, has a competitive advantage in producing the highest quality jujube and the lowest prices.
Usually the harvest season of this product starts from the beginning of August and lasts for about 1 to 2 months.

Iranian ANAB (Ziziphus Jujuba) Pricing criteria

  • Package type
  • Size
  • Color
  • The rate of wrinkles
  • Being healthy and without pests
  • Supply and demand in the market

Big size jujube is of the highest quality, its size is large and its wrinkles are low, and have a dark color.
They are also pest-free or have little pest infestation.
This product is one of the products that has many fans in foreign markets.

At present, Iran’s first-class jujube is in use for export to many countries, including Iraq, Canada, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, Germany, Pakistan, and others.

Dried Jujube Online Whoelsale Center

Artin Jujube Company is one of the online Wholesale centers.
Due to Artin Company’s extensive connections with manufacturers, major buyers and packaging factories, this company can be very useful in the trade of products.

It is also active in the field of exporting products, during which a photo or video is sent to the applicant as a sample of the product, and the destination country selects the type of product it wants, and the quality and price of the product are determined.

Also, you can order a physical sample of the product to check the quality.
If it’s acceptable, you can receive and negotiate the price.
Artin Company is responsible for all export affairs, including obtaining certificates and customs formalities until the cargo reaches its destination.

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