Dried Jujube Wholesale | Iran Persian Anab

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Dried Jujube Wholesale

Dried Jujube Wholesale | Iran Persian Anab

Do you know that Iran produces Ziziphus Jujuba (Jujube)? Persian name of this product in Iran’s dried jujube wholesale market is Anab (Red Date).

The bulk purchase of jujube from the production center and Iran’s wholesale market can be both reasonable in price and quality.
The center of fresh and dried jujube production in Iran is South Khorasan province, especially Birjand city.

Given that jujube has many medicinal and therapeutic properties, its consumption in the country has grown significantly in recent years.
Even, Many countries such as Germany, South Korea and America are using Iranian Dried jujube to produce various types of herbal medicines.

In this regard, many pharmaceutical companies use this product.

Medicinal Properties of Persian Anab

Dried Jujube WholesaleJujube producing in Iran is somewhat different from jujubes in other countries in terms of properties.
China is one of the other countries producing jujubes in large quantities.
Obviously, quality and properties of each countries products are different with each other.

Among the most important medicinal and therapeutic properties of Iranian jujube, the following can be mentioned:

  • decrease the blood sugar
  • Free radical control (anti-inflammatory)
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Regulation of liver enzyme levels
  • Insomnia treatment
  • Respiratory problems
  • Soothing and reducing stress

Due to its many properties, jujube is using in different parts of Iran and the world.
In West Asian countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, jujube uses mostly as a dried fruit in their nut’s snacks.
But in East Asian countries such as China, Korea and Taiwan, sweet jujube syrup commonly uses.
In some European countries, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, jujube flavored candies use with a variety of beverages.

Existence of many medicinal properties causes the consumption of jujube in Iran and other countries of the world to be significant.

Fresh and Dried Iranian Jujube

Dried Jujube WholesaleIn Iran and Pakistan, most people tend to use dried jujube.

But in some other countries, people’s tastes are more in the use of fresh green jujube, and they often use it as a fresh fruit.

Fresh green jujube season, which is actually the same jujube harvest season in South Khorasan, starts almost in September and lasts for about 1 month.

These days, fresh jujube is found in abundance in Birjand (A city in Khorasan, Iran) and sells in various domestic and export markets.
Fresh jujube, like other seasonal fruits, must store in the refrigerator for a long time.
Otherwise, it will quickly change shape and become moldy.
After this one month, all manufacturers dry their products to increase their durability.

Dried jujube can be bought and sold in large quantities in the wholesale market throughout the year.
In Iran, Southern Khorasan is the main center for Iranian Jujube Wholesale in both types of dried and fresh.

Iranian Jujube Wholesale Market

Dried Jujube WholesaleOne of the best places to buy bulk jujube, is Birjand (one of the southern cities of Khorasan).
The reason for this is the highest area under jujube cultivation in this city.

In different villages of Birjand city, jujube is producing in different grades.
Farmers in this part of the country, along with saffron and barberry, have a long history of cultivating and producing Iranian jujube (Persian Anab).

In this region of the east of the country (Iran), there are several producers of jujubes.

After harvesting jujube, most of these products sort by size and color.
In addition to the size of the jujube, this sorting does in two categories: color and amount of wrinkles.

In the Artin jujube production factory, Anab classifies into 8 codes (Grades) and widely distribute in the market.

Iranian Jujube Wholesale Price

Dried Jujube WholesaleIn addition to quality, Price is always important when you are buying large quantities of bulk products.

Of course, the price of jujube in Birjand, or in other words, South Khorasan, does not change significantly during the year.
The main reason for this is the specific and limited target market of jujube in Iran.

Of course, one of the most important reasons for not changing the price is the low volume of exports of this high-quality Iranian product.
Any way, Exporting Persian Anab is really increasing year by year.
Each year that passes, It becomes ever more apparent that this product is really nutritious and helpful for health.

To get the daily price list of Birjand jujube types, you can click on the images below or make a phone call or send your message in WhatsApp to the sales experts of Artin production company.

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