Dried Jujubes’ Major Supply | Khorasan Anab Price

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Dried Jujubes' Major Supply | Khorasan Anab Price

Dried Jujubes’ Major Supply | Khorasan Anab Price

Dried jujubes’ major supply price in Iran is affordable if you make direct contact with its producers in Khorasan. They call it Anab (ONAB).

How much is the price of Iranian dried jujubes for major supply in wholesale markets?
What is the best selling price for first-class and large-sized jujube in Khorasan?

Join us in this article to know the wholesale markets and get familiar with the jujube supply center.

As you are aware, Iranian Anab (Onnab) has many medicinal properties.
This product is in use in the treatment of various diseases, especially colds, sore throats, and some allergies.

Due to having many medicinal properties, the sales volume and use of this product are increasing day by day.

Fresh and Dried Jujubes of Khorasan

Fresh and Dried Jujubes of KhorasanJujube is harvested from the orchards of South Khorasan province in late summer.
In August, fresh soft and green jujube is available in the market by some farmers.

The main major supply route of fresh green jujube is through fruit shops and due to its short shelf life, it should be sold quickly.
Or it must be in the refrigerator for a long time because it quickly becomes moldy.

In this regard, most farmers and jujube producers in South Khorasan Province prefer to dry their products.
This increases the shelf life of the product and even until the next year. So obviously, Iranian dried jujube major supply wouldn’t stop during the year.

As you may know, jujube trees are available in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
Most of the jujube cultivation area is near Birjand city.
The amount of jujube harvest in this region every year determines the minimum supply in wholesale markets.

In other words, the pricing and supply conditions are usually dependent on the active products in this region of the country.
Jujube in Birjand, in addition to high production volume, also has the best and highest quality. Which causes many buyers to seek this product.

Artin Dried Jujubes’ Major Supply

Artin Dried Jujubes' Major SupplyAs you know now, the highest amount of Iranian jujube production is in Khorasan.
In this province, various production units are active in the field of processing and selling jujube.

One of the active factories and companies in the field of barberry and jujube products is Artin Production Company.
In this company, all kinds of jujube of different qualities are available for bulk supply throughout the country.

In addition, some of the products are ready for sale in export markets.
Birjand Dried Jujube Shopping Center is one of the best options for competitive prices.

Having a low price is one of the important parameters in major purchases in the wholesale markets. In fact, the correct phrase is having an affordable price in comparison with competitors and their available qualities is really important. This is not only for dried jujubes’ major supply but also for all the products.

At the Artin Company, we try to offer products at fair prices in the wholesale market of different cities in Iran.
For this purpose and also easier selection for customers, the Artin jujube is available in 7 different sizes.
The most important parameters after the size of the jujube are color, the number of wrinkles, and pests’ infection.

How to Recieve the Iranian Anab Price?

How to Recieve the Iranian Anab Price?The price of jujube depends on various factors, the most important of which is the size. Of course, other quality parameters are also effective in determining the price.

In addition, the supply of the product in the market also creates a major part of the psychological atmosphere of price.
For example, in years when the rainfall is good and the trees do not freeze, the supply is usually high and the price does not increase much.
But in the years when there is a drought or your tree suffers from pests or frost, the supply of jujube in the market decreases, and consequently the price increases sharply.

Many factors are effective in determining the price of jujube.
Of course, each production unit according to the needs of its customers classifies jujube based on size or other parameters.
In the Arin jujube company, jujubes are available in 7 different codes for bulk purchases and major supplies.

To receive images of each jujube code, you can contact one of Artin jujube sales experts.

As soon as possible, our partners will send you pictures and videos related to each code so that you can make your purchase with ease.

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