Dried Red Barberries Wholesale in Bulk

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Dried Red Barberries Wholesale

Dried Red Barberries Wholesale in Bulk

Dried Red Barberries Wholesale market and its production center are Iran. The only producer and bulk seller of Persian Berberis Vulgaris.

First-class edible barberry fruit is available in different types.
The most important types of dried Iranian red barberry in wholesale markets are Persian ANARI and POFAKI varieties.

Khorasan is the main hub of barberry and saffron production in Iran and in this direction, the production of this province is increasing every day.

More than 90% of Iran’s first-class barberry’s production is in the South Khorasan region. The point is that the producers of Khorasan dry barberry fruits near their orchards and it means that the Persian Zereshk bulk market is in this region.

The best type of red fruit product is the POFAKI variety, but of course, all these names of varieties are dependent on the drying method, not the tree.

Features of POFAKI Barberry

Features of POFAKI Barberry

When selling dried POFAKI (Puffy) barberry, in addition to its red color, the taste and the size are the most important issues.

Puffy barberry produced in South Khorasan has different characteristics depending on which region it is produced from.
For example, in some regions product often has a lighter color that gives a good look and appearance to barberry, but in contrast to other regions’ product, it has a higher price due to its sour and smooth taste.

Puffy barberry has a lighter color than ANARI Zereshk.
On the other hand, the crushing percentage of puffy barberry is much lower and barberry has a less sticky state.
In return, dried red barberries’ wholesale price for Anari variety is lower than Pofaki.

It takes about 4 to 5 months after the harvest season to produce puffy barberry.
Because puffy barberry should be in the hall and away from sunlight (dry shade). Producers sometimes use a fan to shorten the drying time.

Puffy barberry has different markets, the most important export markets of which are as follows:

Germany – Canada – Kuwait – Italy – France – Australia – Iraq – Oman

Since barberry has different uses, the variety of uses of this product in different countries is very high.
First-class puffy barberry small packages are also using to sell in shops.
Some know barberry fruits as one of the Iranian spices.

Dried Red Barberries Wholesale Center

Dried Red Barberries

In order to place one barberry in the category of the first-class barberries, it must have characteristics and parameters.
The most important criteria for determining the quality of barberry are as follows:

  1. Uniformity of size and color
  2. Product puffy shape
  3. Fresh taste
  4. Product color
  5. Amount of moisture
  6. Sorting (absence of foreign materials including gravel, razor, leaves, etc.)
  7. The amount of barberries tail and immaturity
  8. packing

All these features are effective in determining the quality as well as the price.
Many sellers in South Khorasan province offer a large supply of barberry in domestic and export markets.
One of the production units in South Khorasan province is the Artin factory.

In this company, in addition to performing all production and packaging processes, customs and trade affairs are also performed.
In other words, all matters regarding the sale and export of barberry from Iran to all parts of the world are done from zero to 100.

Dried Red Barberries Wholesale Price

Barberries Wholesale Price

As you are aware, the price of barberry is directly dependent on the quality characteristics of the product.
In the previous section, some of these cases are available.
But in addition to quality, other factors are also effective in determining the daily price of the dried barberries.

The most important reason and factor affecting the price of Iranian barberry is the supply and demand in the market.
This is especially true in times of any increase in demand in the market and production centers of Iranian barberry.

The most common times when barberry consumption goes up are:

  • When the days of Hajj are near
  • Muharram days
  • When Holidays and weddings are more

In fact, the times when barberry consumption increases in ceremonies.
According to all these cases, to have an approximate price of barberry, you can use the link at the end of this article to contact the Artin company’s export manager directly.

If your purchase volume is high or you need special analysis for export, you can contact our business experts.

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