Export Barberries to Austria

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Export Barberries to Austria

Export Barberries to Austria

Do you know about Iranian Zereshk? Artin company do export barberries to Austria directly from Iran as a producer, supplier and manufacturer of dried barberry.

Although the volume of barberry exports from Iran to Austria is low, but it has brought good profitability for traders.
Some European countries know this product as Iranian Berberis Vulgaris.

Puffy barberry and pomegranate seed barberry sell at reasonable prices in this country.
The main destination of most export cargo to Austria is from Iran to Vienna. Where the land route is often chosen to send cargo.

Barberry is one of the products known in Austria in recent years. It exports from Iran along with saffron, pistachios, raisins and dates.

Iranian Dried Barberries for Europe

Export Barberries to Austria

Among the types of edible barberries producing in Iran, the following two types have the highest sales in the European market:

  • Pofaki or Puffy Barberries
  • Anari or Pomegranate Seed Barberries

Of course, it must be acknowledged that the volume of exports and sales of puffy barberry is much higher than pomegranate seed barberries.

Pomegranate seed barberry is usually using to export barberries to Austria for special purposes such as in the pharmaceutical industries or as a raw material for a variety of beverages and sweets.

But in addition to the above, puffy barberry uses for packaging for supply in chain stores and also for cooking a variety of foods in Iranian, Afghan and Arabic restaurants.

The main difference between these two types of barberry is in appearance, which should state that pomegranate seed barberry has a darker color than puffy barberry.
On the other hand, puffy barberry seeds are more puffy shape and pomegranate seeds have a high crushing and bruised shape percentage.

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Vienna, Austria

Export Barberries to Austria

Iran is the largest producer of edible barberry in the world. There are edible red and black barberries in Iran.

Black barberry often harvests from mountains and its export has special customs procedures.
But seedless red barberry produces in mountainous orchards in South Khorasan province, especially in Birjand and Qa’en counties.

The seedless barberry harvests from the tree every autumn and enters the process of drying and processing.
The process of preparing pomegranate seed barberry is about 1 month and puffy barberry is between 3 to 5 months.

There are many companies and production units (In this region of Iran) producing barberries. But a limited number of them are familiar with the necessary conditions and standards.

To export barberries to Austria, some units active in the field of barberry, process and supply different types of barberry in the market.

Packaging Barberries by Export Quality

Export Barberries to Austria

Due to the fact that barberry should not be too dry (moisture between 8 to 16%), it should place in special packages.

As you can see in the picture above, fabric packaging is using in Artin barberry production complex. The reasons for this are:

  1. If barberry places in plastic for a long time and its moisture is high, it will sweat quickly.
    This causes the barberry to change color and increase the risk of pests and mold.
  2. If you pour barberries directly into the carton, the probability of pouring barberry from the side of the carton during handling is high. On the other hand, customs and health of some countries, especially in Europe, do not consider direct contact of agricultural products with cartons from a health perspective.
  3. The type of fabric packaging should not be thick because it prevents air from passing through and increases the possibility of color change. For this reason, a fabric with a suitable thickness should use.

Barberry can transport in autumn and winter similar to other dried fruit products.
But in hot seasons, reefer trucks and containers must use to export barberries to Austria.
Because barberry is sensitive to heat and moisture (and also the environmental humidity).

On the other hand, reefer containers should use in maritime transport (shipping procedure). Where the humidity of the environment is very high.

In the export of barberries to Austria:

  • For small volume you can do it by air freights
  • For high volume usually send by land

Prices for Export Barberries to Austria

Export Barberries to AustriaGiven that the ratio of barberry production to its export is very high, this product does not adapt to dollar fluctuations.

The most decisive issue in the daily price of barberry is the amount of production as well as supply and demand in the domestic market.

In 2020, for example, the price of barberry became very cheap due to the cancellation of the Hajj, as well as the way the Corona virus caused many restaurants and halls to close, while at the same time the price of the dollar rose sharply and until It also went close to 22,000 tomans.
For this reason, it is possible to receive good prices in the field of barberry for export at different times.

Of course, always removing intermediaries and buying from active production units in the south of Khorasan can help a lot in buying high quality products at fair prices.

If you want to buy and export barberries to Austria fresh, be sure to read the following article:

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