Export Barberries to Ukraine | Iranian Zereshk Wholesaler

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Export Barberries to Ukraine

Export Barberries to Ukraine | Iranian Zereshk Wholesaler

Do you know companies that export barberries to Ukraine? Are you searching for an Iranian Zereshk Wholesaler to buy and import barberries to Ukraine?

Iran’s barberry exports to Ukraine have increased over the past five years.
Dried Iranian barberries in pomegranate seeds and puffy type along with other nuts such as pistachios, raisins and dates are importing to Ukraine.

Having a competitive price to supply products in the Kiev and Kharkov markets is of great importance.
Dried barberry fruit (Iranian Zereshk) with the best qualities in the Ukrainian market imports from Iran.

If you want to find suppliers that export barberries to Ukraine, We advise you to make direct contact with Artin Nuts and Dried fruits Co.
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Iranian Zereshk Wholesale Market in Ukraine

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

Iranian barberry has a high sales volume in the markets of different cities of Ukraine.

Due to the close relations between Iran and Ukraine, exports are easy.
Iran is known as the largest producer of barberry in the region and the world.

A large volume of Iranian barberry products use for export to different countries.
One of the main markets and destinations of Iranian barberry is Russia and Ukraine.

In these countries, Iranian barberries sell in various stores.
Of course, due to the fact that many Iranian barberry customers order other products along with it, in most cases, dried barberry, pomegranate seeds or puffy type send along with these products.

For example, in one of the orders registered by the customer, Artin production company contained 10 tons of pistachios, 5 tons of pistachio kernels and 5 tons of barberry.

Artin Company is a producer, supplier and also wholesaler of Iranian Zereshk.
This company exports barberries to Ukraine in large quantities.

The range of products export from Iran to Ukraine in the field of food is very diverse, but they must have special conditions and characteristics.

Export Barberries to Ukraine

Export Barberries to Ukraine

Exporting Iranian barberries to Ukraine, like some nuts, does not require strict certificates and standards.
At the time of customs formalities in Iran, which requires only two certificates:

  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Health Certificate

Not only barberry, but also other agricultural products need these certificates.

The steps and manner of exporting barberry in Iran is very simple due to the non-mandatory standard of work and performing in a short time.
When exporting Iranian barberry to Ukraine, if the customer is more sensitive about the quality of the product, it is possible to do the following:

  1. Receiving product’s health analysis in Khorasan laboratories
  2. Receiving a health certificate from the Food and Drug Administration of the Medical Sciences Organization
  3. Perform appearance tests by the customer representative

Some of these cases are time consuming and have administrative and sampling costs.

How to Import Barberry from Iran to Ukraine

Import Barberry from Iran

There are different routes for importing Iranian barberries to Ukraine. But the most common and famous route is as follows:

  1. Sending cargo from the customs of origin to Turkey (merchant exit border)
  2. In Turkey, The load goes from Bazargan to Istanbul
  3. Cargo transportation by car from the port of Istanbul to the port of Odessa in Ukraine
  4. By car from the port of Odessa to the destination city

The main route and reasonable price for export from Iran to Ukraine is the above route.
Given that part of the route is through the sea, in hot seasons, a reefer container must use for transportation.

But in cold seasons, there is no need to use this type of container and the load does not suffer from damage and mold.

Iranian Barberries Best Price of Wholesaler

Iranian Barberries Best Price

The competition is fierce, as many Iranians operate in Ukraine and are fully aware of Iranian market prices.
The dried fruit market in different cities of this country manages by different Iranian-Ukrainian companies.

In other words, in many Iranian dried fruit supply companies, an Iranian person is active.

Where to buy Iranian Berberis Vulgaris with best and affordable prices to export barberries to Ukraine?

To get the answer to this question, we must examine where the main barberry production center in Iran is.
As you may have heard, South Khorasan Province is the largest producer of barberry and saffron in Iran.

In most cities of this province, a high level of agricultural land is producing barberry.
Obviously, In the main cities of this province, especially Birjand and Qa’en, many production and commercial units are operating in this field.
In these collections, all stages of barberry processing are doing from zero to one hundred. And then barberry prepare for packaging and customs formalities.

Some of these units, such as Artin Factory, receive all customs affairs and obtaining certificates in the shortest time for their shipment from the relevant organizations.

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