Export Barberry to Canada

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Export Barberry to Canada

Export Barberry to Canada

The markets of Canada and USA are the target markets for exporting high quality Iranian barberries. Which company does export barberry to Canada? Pofaki and Anari are two of the best-selling varieties in Canada.

Iran’s red edible barberry is unique and its features and taste are unique and this has led to a huge boom in Iranian exports in recent years.

Several Varieties of Iranian Edible Barberries

Red Barberry Varieties

Iran, as the largest producer of edible red barberry, sells dried barberry in domestic and export markets.
The two main varieties of barberry that have the largest volume of production in Iran are:

1. ANARI Barberry:
This type of barberry has a darker color than other varieties. In the global market, this product is mainly using in the production of beverages, pastries and in the pharmaceutical industries.
Of course, it is available in chain stores.
If you are using this product for juices and beverages, it’s better to buy ANARI berberis vulgaris.
We export barberry to Canada directly from Iran so that you just need to receive your loads in Canada.

2. POFAKI Barberry:
This type of barberry has a light color and perfectly puffed fruits.
Due to the good color of this product, it is usually offered in small, lightweight packaging at regular stores.
Of course, Pofaki barberry is also using in restaurants as well as flavors in ice cream, pastries and drinks.
Also, We advise you to buy Pofaki barberry for Canada is you are searching for the best quality of this product.

How to Check Barberries Quality

Barberries Quality

There are many ways to evaluate the quality of barberry product.
A physical examination of the product, evaluating by the food lab, is the best and most reliable way to determine the quality of the product.
But since this process is time consuming and costly, this method cannot always use.
So you can look at some of the features out there and send them for testing if the product needs more precise measurement.

The most important factors to consider are:

  • Moisture content
  • Tail (Remained in the cargo)
  • The amount of external materials (such as pebbles, leaves, branches, etc.)
  • Percentage of crushing
  • The amount of ash

How to Export Barberry to Canada

Export Barberry to Canada

In addition to selecting the product type after specifying the type of uses in the destination country, to export of barberry to Canada, You should also consider the quality of the product.

For bulk exports, usually barberry producers either place them directly into cartons or first into plastic and then into cartons, both of which are not hygienically approved.
The first method is a health problem due to barberries dealing with cardboard. In the second method, the barberry will sweat inside the plastic and over time the barberry color will turn black and become creamy.

For this reason, we recommend you to buy from producers who are packaging in fabric bags and then place them in the cartons.
You can now get in touch with your experts and consultants at the Artin Barberry Company to get the price of the day as well as the delivery and time requirements for customs affairs.

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