Export/Import Barberries to Finland | Persian Zereshk

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Import Barberries to Finland

Export/Import Barberries to Finland | Persian Zereshk

The Artin company is one of the Persian Zereshk manufacturers export/import barberries to Finland. In fact, barberry is new in Finland.

It exports first-class barberries to Finland from Iran.
Other countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Netherland, Estonia, and Lithuania are among the markets with high potential for importing Iranian products.

In these markets, all barberry varieties have their customers.
By the way, there are only two main varieties of barberries with export-quality but you can see various products of Persian Zereshk in the market.

Iranian barberry has a good export volume in recent years due to its high medicinal properties as well as various uses.
The barberry production center in Iran is Khorasan province that exports barberries directly to Canada, Ukraine, Germany, and Russia.

Due to its high quality and uniqueness, Iranian barberries are one of the strategic products of Iran that can be introduced and exported to foreign markets such as Finland. If you are willing to import barberries to Finland, read more about this product and its export/import in this article.

Iranian Export-Quality Dried Barberry

Iranian Export-Quality Dried Barberry

Dried barberry is usually available in 2 main types in the Iranian market.
In fact, there are other varieties available in Iran but these two types have the highest volume of export/import in the world market.
In other words, most customers are familiar with these two types and most of the demand is for these products:

  1. Pomegranate-Seed-Shape Barberry
  2. Puffy-Shape Barberry

In each of the global markets are buyers of a particular type of barberry.
In fact, according to the type of consumption and application, buyers can choose between these two types of barberry.

Puffy barberry is usually in use for packaging and supply of barberry in stores because it has lighter color.
But in restaurants or companies that use barberry as raw material, pomegranate seed barberry is more common.

Various companies use Iranian red-seedless barberries in the fields of ice cream, chocolate, sweets, pharmaceuticals, and etc.
In fact, in short, the choice of barberry is according to the type of consumption.
For example, for Germany, puffy barberry, and for Turkey and Ukraine, pomegranate seed barberry have the highest sales.

How to Export/Import Barberries to Finland

Import Barberries to Finland

To export/import first-class barberries to Finland, careful marketing and needs assessment must be done.
But both pomegranate-seed-shape barberry and puffy-shape barberry have buyers in the market of this country. But puffy-shape barberry is more popular.
Pomegranate-seed-shape barberry is mostly in use in other products because its appearance is not suitable in comparison with puffy barberry.

Puffy barberry is completely light in color and the seeds are completely puffy.
But in pomegranate seed barberry, this issue is less seen and the reason is because of the way it is produced and the drying process.

No special certificate is necessary to export/import barberries from Iran to Finland.
It is enough to receive the usual certificates for food products, but only a special certificate is necessary for some Iranian customs (preparing this certificate is on the seller).

Some documents for barberry export from Iran are as follows:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Phytosanitary certificate (quarantine certificate)
  • Packing list
  • Sales Invoice
  • Bill of lading

These 5 items should be sent with the cargo to the buyer or receiver so that clearance can be done easily and in a short time.
For more information in this regard, you can contact our partners in the export department of Artin company.

Get the Daily Prices of Barberry from Artin Company

Daily Prices of Barberry

In order to receive the price of first-class export-quality barberry, quality parameters are important.
The most important parameters for determining the quality of barberry are as follows:

1- Barberry type (ANARI (Pomegranate-Seeds-Shape) or POFAKI (Puffy-Shape))

2- The amount of puffy shape

3- Percentage of moisture

4- Percentage of barberries with tail on them

5- The percentage of foreign materials such as razor, branch, sand, and…

6- View and appearance of the product

7- Packing

Barberry Quality Parameters Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

In addition to these items, purchase volume and time are other parameters affecting the price of barberry.
You can use the following ways to receive the daily price of Artin barberries:

Meanwhile, the Persian website of this company is available to you at the following address:


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