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Pistachio Kernel to Iraq

Export/Import Pistachio Kernel to Iraq – Artin Nuts Company

Do you have questions about Import/Export Pistachio Kernel to Iraq? Artin Nuts Company exports Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels to Iraq.

The sale of bulk pistachio kernel to Iraq is usually done in 50 kg packages.
Also, 10 Kg packages are common for pistachio kernels if you want to export/import a high-quality brand and product.

Among the exports of pistachio kernels, the highest sales refer to close-mouth pistachio kernels.
In fact, buyers import close-mouth pistachio kernels to Iraq in different quality and varieties.

Of course, the Kurdistan region and Erbil buy higher quality products.
But in southern Iraq, most pistachio kernels are low-price and competitive prices are important in these markets.

Selling Bulk Pistachio Kernel to Iraq

Selling Pistachio Kernel to Iraq

The high potential of Iraqi markets has made it possible to export/import major pistachio kernels to this country.

Iranian exporters send pistachio kernels to Iraq in 2 different packagings. One is in bulk and one other is small shopping packages. The country is weak in the packaging industry. And the main imports of this product are Fandoghi and Badami pistachio kernels.

Of course, first of all, you should check the consumption of pistachio kernels in your market. It’s in order to produce the desired pistachio kernel in Iraq exactly and according to the needs of the customers and send it to this neighboring country.

The highest sales of pistachio kernels for Iraq are for Badami and Fandoghi pistachio kernels.
Given that Badami and Fandoghi pistachio kernel are the cheapest, they are the best option to crack and produce pistachio kernels for Iraq.
It should also be borne in mind that close-mouth pistachios are also available in the market with different qualities.

If the size of kernels is too low, the quality will be low as well, and if the size of pistachios is large, the possibility of the presence of crushed and granulated pistachio kernels will decrease.

Pistachio Kernel Bulk Packaging

Pistachio Kernel Bulk Packaging

To buy pistachio kernels, you need to work with companies that specialize in this field.
In some of these companies, all the processes of cracking, manual sorting, laser and color sorting, packaging, and customs affairs are the services of the seller.
For export/import pistachio kernel to Iraq, it should be noted that two packaging types can be in use:

  1. 50 kg bag
  2. 10 kg carton

The 10 kg carton will usually cost more, but it is more elegant and beautiful in appearance.
If the shelf life of the product is long, it is better to vacuum the product to increase the shelf life and not change the quality.

Vacuuming pistachio kernels is time-consuming and costly, but there is no longer any concern about changing product quality over time.

Production and Export of Artin Pistachio Kernel for Iraq

Artin Pistachio Kernel for Iraq

Different workshops and factories in pistachio producing provinces produce and process pistachio kernels.
The largest producers of pistachio kernels operate in the following provinces of Iran:

Kerman – Khorasan – Yazd – Qazvin

In each of these provinces, specialized activities are carried out on one type.
In the city of Kerman, some production units produce green peeled pistachio kernels.

This product is mostly in use for export from Iran to Europe and China.
Due to the very high price, this type of pistachio kernel is not in use in the domestic market of Iran and neighboring countries.
In Khorasan Razavi province, where Fandoghi and Badami’s pistachios are available in large volumes, there are pistachio kernels at a more reasonable price.

The production center of these pistachios is in Bardaskan and Mehvalat counties.
Its close-mouth pistachios are not suitable for producing mechanical-open pistachios.
For this reason, closed-mouth pistachios are using to produce pistachio kernels.

In the Artin production company, which is active in this province, different types of pistachio kernels are producing.
Due to the fact that quality and the absence of waste are of great importance for export, in this set, product sorting is doing in several stages.

The Artin company sorts all its products both manually and by laser sorting machinery.
With this method, the pistachio kernel inside the package is ready for consumption in various places such as nuts shops, confectionery, and ice cream producers.

How about the Export Price of Pistachio Kernels?

Export Price of Pistachio Kernels

The daily price of export-quality pistachio kernels is one of the main parameters for the wholesale purchase of traders and merchants.
With so many people working in this field, giving a competitive price can be an important advantage in international markets.

In this regard, having contact with pistachio kernel producers can be a good option.
Of course, in some periods of time, due to the price fluctuations of pistachios, the price of pistachio kernels also changes.
Which is largely out of the hands of the pistachio kernel producer.

But if close-mouth pistachios are available and only the costs of cracking, sorting, and packaging are considered, the products can be purchased at a more reasonable price.

In the Artin pistachio kernel company, in order for the quality of the final pistachio kernel to be as high as possible and the product to reach the destination market with good taste, all the products will be ready after placing the order.

In other words, all pistachios are Close-Mouth before the time of order registration.
This contributes a lot to both the health of the product and its good taste.

Our partners are ready to send you the photos and the type of packaging as well as the price of the day in the first stage.
You can contact us now for more information.

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