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Rafsanjan Pistachios

Export Quality Rafsanjan Pistachios Price | Artin Nuts

There are many buyers for Rafsanjan pistachios, Not only pistachio nuts but also pistachio kernels for wholesale. Rafsanjan is a city in Kerman, Iran.

Rafsanjan is the most famous pistachio production center in Iran. The Rafsanjan pistachios are a well-known name in this market. In fact, This pistachio has become a brand due to its positive performance in this market.

Pistachios producing in Iran divide into five main categories: Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei (AA), Badami, Fandoghi, and Koleghoochi.
The well-known name of Rafsanjan with the positive performance of pistachio companies is not related to a specific type of pistachio.

In fact, many companies and also cities in Iran are known due to their positive performance in the market.

Are Rafsanjan Pistachios a Specific Variety of Iranian Pistachios?

Rafsanjan Pistachios

The answer to this question is no. In fact, there are many well-known producers in the Rafsanjan market producing different varieties.

In particular, companies have been able to spread their name in the market as a supplier of certain qualities.
Artin pistachio is no exception to this rule and this pistachio company has more than 10 years of experience in selling and exporting Iranian pistachios.

For another example, Feyzabad pistachio is also very well known in the Khorasan market.
But this product is not a type of pistachio and in fact, Feyzabad is a City producing white and long pistachios call “Badami”.

All Commercial Pistachio Varieties in Rafsanjan

Pistachio Varieties

The most well-known types of pistachios producing in Iran divide into the following five categories:

Akbari: This type of pistachio produces in Kerman province, especially in Anar city, and considers as a type of long pistachio.
Ahmad Aghaei: Ahmad Aghaei pistachio in Rafsanjan has the highest production and is one of the long pistachio varieties.
Badami: This type of pistachio mostly finds in Khorasan, but a low quantity of it is producing in Kerman province and mostly in the Zarand region.
Fandoghi: The production of Fandoghi pistachio in Rafsanjan is not high, but Kerman province has a high production of this type of pistachio.
Koleghoochi: Previously, Koleghoochi pistachio was very popular in the market and its production was high in Rafsanjan, but now most of these trees are grafted to Ahmad Aghaei type.

However, a significant amount of pistachios producing in other cities and provinces of Iran transports to Rafsanjan for bulk sale.

If you use different types of Rafsanjan pistachios for export, you should know the export quality.
The export quality of pistachios is not just high.

Export Quality Pistachio Nuts in Iran

Export Quality Pistachio Nuts

By mentioning the name of Rafsanjan export quality pistachios, you can imagine that the quality of the products of this region is very high.
This conclusion is not always correct. Why?

The target markets for the export/import of Iranian pistachios are very numerous. And the type and quality necessary for export are also diverse.
The best type of pistachios for exporting to a country should purchase based on the demand and taste of the destination country.

For example, some in Iran may consider Akbari pistachio to be the best type of Iranian pistachios for export.
But this is not the case for the Lebanese market. The Lebanese market is only interested in hand-select jumbo pistachios or large Fandoghis.

Another example is Russia.
The pistachio market in Russia used to be completely in the hands of Iranian producers.
But with the arrival of American pistachios in Russia, this country has moved towards price-orientation and buys cheap pistachios.
Of course, this does not mean that luxury pistachios are not exporting to Russia. But it means that most of Iran’s pistachio exports to Russia are cheap pistachios.
Therefore, pistachios for export to Russia should be cheap.

To buy and sell different types of Iranian pistachios for export, you can contact the sales managers of Artin Dried Fruit Company directly:

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