Exporting/Importing Iranian Zereshk for Russia

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Iranian Zereshk for Russia

Exporting/Importing Iranian Zereshk for Russia

Did you ever export/import Iranian Zereshk for Russia? Iranian trade companies are exporting/importing Iranian dried barberries to Russia.

The nuts and dried fruits companies are exporting/importing Iranian Zereshk to Russia along with other nuts such as pistachios and various dried fruits.
Iranian Anazi Zereshk is more popular in the Russian market due to its cheaper price in comparison with Pofaki barberry.

Iran is one of the largest producers of edible barberries. In fact, Iran is the only country that produces red-seedless barberry and its Persian name is Zereshk.

Khorasan province of Iran is the production center of barberry. Actually, there is where you find barberry orchards in large areas.
For more information about barberry varieties, you can join us in the following of this article.

Iranian Pofaki and Anari Dried Barberries

Iranian Pofaki and Anari Dried Barberries

Producers export Iranian Zereshk in the form of Puffy-Shape or Pomegranate-Seed-Shape barberries.
These two above names are the literally translates of their Persian names: Puffy and Dune Anari.

These two types of barberry are both dried, but there are many differences in the production process.
Here we want to deal with the differences between Pofaki and Anari Iranian Zereshk.

At first, you need to know that Anari barberries are the barberry fruits that get dry under direct sunlight. But Pofaki barberries are the barberry fruits that get dry while they are still on the branches and under the shade.

For this reason, Anari barberry has a darker color than Pofaki barberry.
Therefore, both varieties of barberry have the same nature and the same race. but the type of drying is different for each one.
And if you want to import Iranian Zereshk to Russia for the wholesale markets, first of all, consider your type of consumption and make a correct decision about the variety of barberry to import/export.

Another difference between these two types of barberry is in the final product. Iranian Anari Zereshk usually contains bruised and crushed barberries due to being overturned by the farmer. or you might see some tiny pieces of barberry leaves stuck on the barberry fruits.
But Pofaki Zereshk will not see these damages because it dries over time.

Of course, some farmers are trying to reduce fractures in Anari barberries by using new ideas.
Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, and Turkey are the main buyers of Iranian Zereshk.

How to Export Iranian Zereshk from Iran to Russia

How to Export Iranian Zereshk from Iran to Russia

Exporting/Importing Iranian Zereshk to Russia is one of the main export markets of Iranian barberry.

Anari barberry is usually of interest in Russia, which is why most of Iran’s barberry exports to Russia are Iranian Anari Zereshk.
Exports of Iranian barberry to Russia usually occur in two ways:

  • It goes to the port of Astara, then to the Russian port of Astara Khan, and then to different cities in Russia.
  • It goes by rail from Mashhad to Kazakhstan, then to Russia and Moscow.

Due to its large population and large area, Russia buys a large volume of dried fruits, especially Iranian barberry.
On the other hand, good economic and trade relations between Iran and Russia cause an increase in exchanges in recent years.
Iran is currently the largest and most active producer of barberry in the world.

Best Iranian Zereshk for Export to Russia

Best Iranian Zereshk for Export to Russia

Barberry’s daily price depends on various factors.
Here are some important indicators of good barberry diagnosis for you to better detect barberry quality.

  • barberries that have lighter colors are better and usually more popular.
  • The lower the moisture content of the produced barberry, the better the quality of the barberry we have.
  • If the amount of barberry waste (thorn, leaf, wood, stone, etc.) is less, we will have better quality barberry.

These three characteristics play a key role in determining the price of barberry.
Of course, the farther we go from the production season, the higher the price of barberry.

Mashhad market can also have an effect on the price of barberry due to the high supply of this product.
To receive the daily price of Iranian barberry, you can contact the production units in South Khorasan province.
Artin Barberry Company is one of the largest suppliers of Iranian Zereshk for export to Russia and some other countries.

Various communication ways to get the daily price of the products have been placed on the official website of this collection.
For faster and easier communication, you can contact our sales associates by clicking on the image below.

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