Fandoghi Pistachio Kernels in Russia | Iranian Nuts Exporters

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Fandoghi Pistachio Kernels in Russia | Iranian Nuts Exporters

Are you searching for Fandoghi pistachio kernels in Russia? There are several Iranian exporters supplying Nuts and Kernels for Russia.

The price of Iranian Fandoghi (Round) pistachio kernels in the Russian market depends on various parameters.
In addition to the quality, the type of packaging and the volume of the purchase order has a direct impact on determining the price of this product.
Fandoghi Pistachio Nuts and Kernels are the most common and popular nuts in the market of different cities in Russia.

The high population and high consumption of these products is the main reason for sending all these products to the market of this country from the land and sea borders. In this article, we examine the conditions of the sale and export of Fandoghi pistachio kernels in Russia.

Iranian Nuts and Kernels Manufacturers

There are different types of pistachio kernels. Usually, each of these pistachio kernels has its own application and customers.
Iranian producers are also trying to increase the quality of pistachio kernels for export purposes.

Pistachio kernels include Green Pistachio Kernels, Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels, Peeled Pistachio Kernels, Pistachio Granules, and many other varieties.
As we know, most of the pistachio kernels in Iran are in use for export to other countries.
Iranian nuts exporters send pistachios to various Asian and European countries.
In each country, according to the needs of the people and determining the target market, we must choose the most suitable pistachio kernels.
For example, green pistachios with complete purple skin are in use for export to India.
Because this pistachio kernel is in use to decorate sweets and ice creams.
Or we have to use another pistachio kernel to export to Russia.

In the next section, we have information for you about the export of pistachio kernels to Russia.

Export of Fandoghi Pistachio Kernels to Russia

As we know, most pistachio kernels are in use for export to different countries.
One of these countries is Russia.
There are some things to keep in mind when exporting to this country.
We hope to provide you with useful tips here.

Russia is a good market for Fandoghi pistachio kernels.
In fact, among various types of pistachio kernels, Fandoghi is the best choice for Russia.
There are two main reasons for exporting Fandoghi pistachio kernels to Russia.

  • This type of pistachio kernel is cheaper than some other pistachios.
  • The appearance of the Fandoghi pistachio kernel is beautiful despite its low price.

In some cases, Russian traders even buy the kernels of Mechanical Open pistachios.

Now the question is what size is suitable for export to this country.
For export to Russia, pistachios with 28-30 size or 30-32 ounces are suitable.
In fact, it’s better to say that the most common sizes for Russia are these two sizes.

Receiving the Price of Pistachio Kernels

If you are also thinking of buying or exporting pistachio kernels, one of your main questions is the price of different types of pistachio kernels.
The price of pistachio kernels depends on various factors.
These factors include the type of pistachio, the size of the pistachio kernel, and its packaging.
For example, larger pistachios, such as Kalleghouchi kernels, are more expensive than Fandoghi.

In each region, a special type of pistachio kernel is in use and people are more interested in that pistachio.
For example, in the previous section, we explained that a country like Russia uses Round-shape pistachio kernels.

We know that Fandoghi pistachio kernels have a lower price than some countries, but the market of this country is more competitive with Fandoghi pistachios.

Before buying or exporting pistachios, we should consult with a skilled person and check our target market.
The price of pistachios is important, but knowing the target market is more important.

Due to market fluctuations, the price of pistachios can not be fully determined.
With a simple contact with the consultants of the Artin company, you can be informed about the price of pistachio kernels.
Artin company is one of the collections that is active in the sale and export of pistachio kernels.

You can contact the consultants of this company to buy, consult or export different types of pistachio kernels.

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