First-Grade Pistachio Kernels | Artin Classy Pistachios

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First-Grade Pistachio Kernels

First-Grade Pistachio Kernels | Artin Classy Pistachios

First-grade pistachio kernels mean different qualities for different customers. There are some products of Artin Co. as classy pistachios.

To buy bulk pistachio kernels for export, the destination country must first be specified.
According to it, the producer should prepare the products and pistachio kernels with the best quality that the buyer needs.

As you know, Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world.
In different provinces of Iran, pistachio production is common in different types.
But the highest amount of production is for the 3 provinces of Kerman, Khorasan Razavi, and Yazd.

The variety of pistachio kernels is twice as much as pistachios themselves, and we will get acquainted with some of these products in the following. The first-grade pistachio kernels of each variety are available in the Artin nuts and dried fruits company.

First-Grade Pistachio Kernels Production

First-Grade Pistachio Kernels Production

Pistachio kernels are available in different varieties in different companies and industrial units of Iran. Especially in the production units such as Kerman and Khorasan.

Each of these types of pistachio kernels has its own market and consumers.
For example, pistachio granules are mostly in use for the production of ice-cream, sweets, and Baklava.
In addition to the Iranian market, this is also true in global markets. Obviously, we have different qualities of pistachio granules and first-grade pistachio granule means the best quality of this type of pistachio kernels.

To learn more about the types of pistachio kernels available in Iran and to buy these products in bulk, you can read the following list:

  1. “KUL” or Green pistachio kernels
  2. Premium quality hand-selected purple skin pistachio kernels
  3. Normal quality purple skin pistachio kernels
  4. Peeled green pistachio kernels
  5. Wild pistachio kernels
  6. Pistachio granules
  7. Slivered and sliced pistachio kernels

As you know, these products are in the market with different grades with different qualities.
For example, the Artin company produces pistachio granules in 4 different size grades.
Various companies and factories are active in the production, processing, and packaging of pistachio kernels.

Buying First-Grade Pistachio Kernels in Bulk

Buying First-Grade Pistachio Kernels in Bulk

There are several ways to buy pistachio kernels in bulk.
The best option for buying these products in bulk is to contact the production units or the wholesalers.

Of course, some manufacturers specialize in producing one or more types of kernels.
For this reason, buying from these collections will be more economical both in terms of quality and price.
For example, some companies and factories only work on the production of peeled green pistachio kernels.
These products have their own market and do not have many buyers in Iran. This type of pistachio kernel is perfect for the market of Germany, Italy, China, and Japan.

Each type of pistachio kernel has a specific purpose in the market.
Iraq, as one of Iran’s neighboring countries, buys many Iranian products.
In this area, they are often looking to buy low-price pistachio kernels to produce confectioneries.
However, the absence of black pistachio kernels and pests are of great importance to Iraqi businessmen and consumers.
This means that not every kind of low-price pistachio kernel is good for this country.

In general, the desired pistachio kernel should be produced in accordance with the requirements and needs of customers inside and outside Iran. And exactly according to the order of packaging and weighing of products to create a profitable business for both parties.

How to export pistachios from Iran

How to export pistachios from Iran

To export pistachio kernels, the destination country and its standards are really important.
In fact, it doesn’t matter that your product is first-grade pistachio kernels, the point is that you need to prepare your product according to the standards of the destination country to do clearance easier.

Most EU countries require pistachio kernel’s aflatoxin certification.
This certificate can not be obtained for any type of pistachio kernel and its product is produced, processed, and packaged according to special conditions.

But many countries do not require this certificate; In fact, the documents for clearance differ in each country.
Then, according to that, the product should be ready.

The customs process is complete in less than 24 hours unless a special certificate is required.
For more information in this regard, you can read the full article on how to export pistachios on the website of the Artin Production Company.

We hope to take a small step in the field of Iranian pistachio and pistachio kernel exports to strengthen our partners.

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