Fresh and Dried Barberry Sale to Canada

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Barberry Sale to Canada

Fresh and Dried Barberry Sale to Canada

In addition to pistachios, raisins and dates, Canadian businessmen also welcome fresh and dried Iranian barberry. Fresh and dried barberry sale to Canada in Vancouver and Toronto are significant.

The price of high quality Iranian barberry for Canada depends on certain parameters, which we will consider in following.

Trade between the two countries, Iran and Canada, is a very high amount; with most of the exports from Iran related to food.

In addition to Iranian and Afghan stores in Canada, other food stores and factories welcome Iranian products.
One of the products that attract the attention of many people in Canada is fresh and dried Iranian barberry.

Read about Iranian Barberry

Iranian Barberry

Iran is the largest producer of edible barberry in the world. This type of barberry is without seed and It’s red in color.
The elliptic berries of Iranian barberry are red in the harvest season.

In Iran, most of barberry production is doing in South Khorasan province, especially in two cities of Qa’enat and Birjand.
The harvest of barberry in this region of the country is estimated to be over 18,000 tons in 2019.

In addition to the Iranian market, fresh and dried barberry sales in other countries are also booming.
This product, of course, is a very perishable product that must follow in shipping and packaging, which we will discuss briefly below.
Barberry sale to Canada requires more consideration because of the long distance between Iran and Canada.

Barberry Varieties for Import to Canada

Iranian manufacturers market their products in various ways for export.

The two best-selling methods of barberry, which account for the largest volume of exports, are:

Fresh Barberry

Fresh Barberry

Fresh barberry itself is marketing in a variety of ways, including:

  • Barberry on the branches
  • Bunch of barberry
  • Barberry Seeds

Fresh barberry should store in the refrigerator as it is rapidly damaged (Freeze).
In the shipping section we will mention how to send fresh barberry.

Fresh Barberry Seeds, which accounts for the largest volume of sales in this category, often comes in packages of 200 or 250 g.

Dried Barberry

Dried Barberry

Dried barberry is often classifies into two categories.

  • Pomegranate Seed (Anari)
  • Puffy (Pofaki)

Dried barberry does not have high spoilage in comparison with fresh barberry, but it must be careful in its packaging and shipping conditions.

The sale of dried barberry is unlike fresh barberry all year round and the export volume of dried barberry is much higher than fresh barberry.

Selling Dried and Fresh Barberry

Dry and Fresh Barberry

Sales of barberry often occur mainly from its production center, Qayen and Birjand in large volumes.
The main manufacturers, which carry out all the steps from harvest to packaging, are usually present and operating in this region of Iran.

Barberry sales and price determination depend on different quality parameters.

After selecting the type of barberry, one should pay attention to, its quality criteria and characteristics, some of which are:

  • Moisture content
  • The amount of foreign material in the load:
    Such as tail, wood, stone, gravel, leaves and…
  • Percentage of soluble ash
  • Confirmation of pesticide and nitrate residual test
  • Uniformity and freshness of barberry
  • Suitable packages for bulk or small packaging

Each of the above can be effective in determining the price of barberry.

You can contact the Artin Barberry Production Sales Consultant by clicking on the image above for a price list of Barberry varieties.

Barberry Sale to Canada

Barberry Sale to Canada

Since Shipping is the most convenient way to send barberry to Canada, more attention should pay to the barberry product quality in the path.

Since barberry reacts to two parameters of temperature and humidity and changes color, it must consider more precisely in addition to packaging conditions.

However, in volumes of less than 2 tons, although shipping costs are high, the product is usually shipping by air freight to the cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

The shipment process takes less than 20 days but shipping takes between 45 and 65 days depending on the environmental conditions and the line that is using. Also there is 5 to 7 days for laboratory tests and customs procedure.

Barberry Packaging and Shipping Terms for sale to Canada:

Barberry Packaging and Shipping

In bulk packaging of barberry to Canada, the product should not be in direct contact with carton because it is not hygienically approved. Also, If any carton breaks, berries will spill out.

On the other hand, if the barberry embed in plastic, it will sweat after a while and its moisture will increase.
This will make the barberry color from light red to dark.
If the sweating is excessive, it will not be unexpected to appear worm and butterfly among the load.
For this reason, in the Artin Barberry production factory, fabric packaging is using for bulk export.
More precision need for shipping as mentioned above.

In sea transport and when the air temperature is high, it is strongly recommending that reefer containers use for transport.
In this case, the temperature inside the container can adjust to prevent damage to the product.

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