Fresh Barberries Wholesale | Iranian Zereshk Fruit

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Fresh Barberries Wholesale | Iranian Zereshk Fruit

The fresh barberries wholesale market in Iran starts in September and continues for 40 days. Iranian Zereshk fruit is a new and perfect fruit.

In Iran, during the harvest season, you can find fresh barberries in two main cases in wholesale markets:

  1. Fresh Barberries on the branches
  2. Fresh barberry Fruits without seed

Barberry harvest season in South Khorasan province (Production Center of Barberry in Iran) starts in mid-September and continues until November.
Obviously, Fresh barberry is available at this time all over the country (Iran).

Since the shelf life of fresh barberry is low, there must be a refrigerator to store this product.

Fresh Red Barberries Harvest and Wholesale Center

The largest production center and the largest area under barberry cultivation is related to the south of Khorasan province. South Khorasan province, especially Birjand and Ghaenat cities, along with saffron, have the highest supply of barberry in the market.
More than 97% of Iranian barberry is the product of this region of the country. Some of it is to sell as fresh barberries and most of it is to sell as dried barberries in domestic and export wholesale markets. Each of these cases should be discussed separately.

Barberry harvest season in this province varies according to weather conditions and irrigation time. In more southern parts such as Sarbisheh and Birjand, harvesting begins earlier. But in the central and northern parts, including Ghaen city, the crop is ready to harvest about 2 weeks later.

Most of the farmers and orchards’ owners sell their fresh barberries during the harvest season. As time passes, the number of producers that dry their barberries by themselves is increasing.

Shelf life of Barberry after Harvest

Fresh barberry has a shorter shelf life than dried barberry. For this reason, it should be in a suitable environment. And if you want to keep the products for a longer time, you need to use cold storage.

In the case of fresh barberry, we need to know that barberry has a longer shelf life when it’s still on the branches (the producers cut the branches when the barberries are still on them). Because when barberry is not on the branch, it loses some of its moisture and increases the likelihood of mold.

It is customary for barberry with branches from Birjand and Ghaenat to be sent to fruit and vegetable wholesale centers all over the country.
Barberry with branches is cheaper than other forms of barberry due to the fact that some of its weight is wood. On the other hand, at the time of sale of fresh barberry, the cost of separation will be added to the price according to the amount of labor time.

The most common packages for fresh barberries are cartons. The Artin company’s fresh barberry is available in 1, 3, 5, and 7 Kg cartons.

How to Recieve the Prices of Fresh Barberries?

Due to the limited supply of barberry in the market, its prices vary during the harvest season. For example, at the beginning of the harvest season, when supply is low, the price is higher. But as we reach the peak of barberry harvest in the region, prices fall.

In 2020, fresh barberry had a price range of between 0.45 to 0.75 USD/Kg. Of course, there are various parameters of the order’s quantity and product’s quality that affect the price of the barberry fruits.

If you have the possibility and conditions of bulk sale of fresh barberry with branches, you can contact the sales unit of the Artin Barberry Company to supply the product you need.
We hope to be able to prepare first-class products for you in the market so that your profitability and business will prosper.

To receive the price of fresh barberry, you can contact the Artin sales department during the harvest season.

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