Fresh Barberry Price 2020 | Iranian Zereshk | Berberis Vulgaris

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Fresh Barberry Price 2020

Fresh Barberry Price 2020 | Iranian Zereshk | Berberis Vulgaris

How much is the Iranian Fresh Barberry Price in 2020? Are you searching for a Persian Zereshk Exporter? Here we give you more information about berberis vulgars.

Buy fresh barberry with (the product of 2020) at a reasonable price directly from the barberry orchards of Khorasan.
Fresh barberry sells in bulk during the harvest season, which begins in September and lasts until November.
Obviously, Fresh Barberry Price 2020 determines in first days of the harvest season.

Persian Zereshk Harvest Season in 2020

Zereshk Harvest Season

Harvesting of red seedless-barberry from orchards in South Khorasan varies according to climatic conditions.
Barberry harvest first starts from more southern regions such as Birjand and Arinshahr.
After harvesting in these areas, fresh barberry harvest begins in Ghaenat and Zirkuh.

Due to the weather conditions in some years, harvesting sometimes delay and sometimes earlier.
Due to the extreme heat of July 2020 in southern Khorasan, the forecast is that the harvest will be earlier than previous years.

But if we want to announce the time of barberry harvest in 2020 in general, we can say that the harvest starts from the last days of September and will continue until November in some areas.

Barberry in different regions differ in terms of the amount of load on each branch, taste and coarseness.
This difference is due to the different climate, soil type and most importantly the water type and its salinity.

Buy Fresh Barberry form Orchards of Iran

Buy Fresh Barberry

Purchase of fresh barberry on branches happens only at the beginning of the harvest season and the main route of sale is Fresh Fruit wholesale centers throughout the country.

But fresh barberry fruits (not on branches) are available in cold storage for sale throughout the year.
To buy fresh barberry with branches at the best price, you should contact farmers in South Khorasan province.
During the barberry harvest season, some farmers move the product to processing halls for drying.

But some of these farmers offer their products better in the wholesale market all over the country.
Fresh barberry with a branch has a longer shelf life than fresh seeds and less suffers from mold and pests.

But seeded fresh barberry fruits (not on branches) must store frozen and reefer containers must use to transport it.

Fresh barberry has many uses and that is why some consumers buy this product for their year round.
Obviously, On branch Fresh barberry price 2020 is lower than fresh barberries without branches.

Fresh Barberry (Berberis Vulgaris) Wholesale Center

Berberis Vulgaris Wholesale

It is the center of production of edible red barberry in eastern Iran. In other words, South Khorasan is the largest barberry production center.
More than 98% of the edible red barberry production belongs to South Khorasan province.
Birjand, Arinshahr, Sarbisheh, Qa’en and Zirkuh counties are the centers of barberry production in this province.

Of course, as mentioned before, barberry in different regions are different in quality.

To buy fresh barberry, the best option is to communicate with farmers in these areas who intend to sell their fresh products.

Fresh barberry on branches in the harvest season send in cartons to applicants across the country in different weights.
For long-term storage of fresh barberry, it must store in the refrigerator because barberry is a sensitive product to heat and high humidity.

Fresh Barberry Price 2020

Fresh Barberry Price 2020

The fresh barberry price determines every year according to the amount of production and the amount of supply and demand in the market.

For barberry harvest in 2020, forecasts indicate that the price is cheaper than fresh barberry in 2019.

The main reason for this is the large supply of dried barberry in the market throughout the country since July, which causes a decrease of more than 1 USD per kilo in the price of dried barberry in July and August of 2020 (The product of 2019).

This reduction in price, as well as the filling of Birjand and Ghaenat cold storages, makes it possible that the price of fresh barberry with branches on the tree will be cheaper than last year.
But we still have to wait until the time of harvest from the orchards approaches. and check the market situation and the amount of demand and then start buying and selling it in bulk.

To be informed of the fresh barberry daily price with/without branches of the product of the year 2020, you can contact the sales department of Artin barberry production factory from the middle of September.

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