Germany Purchases Green Pistachio – Peeled Kernels

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Germany Purchases Green Pistachio

Germany Purchases Green Pistachio – Peeled Kernels

Germany purchases green pistachio in bulk from Iran and America. Peeled kernels of Iran are greener but the price is a bit higher as well.

The marketing of pistachio kernels in the German market and the sale of peeled green kernels of pistachio are booming.
Because this type of pistachio kernel has many different uses; Both stores and food factories use this product in high volume.

Iranian peeled and blanched pistachio kernels, which have different grades according to the color of the product, are health-approved by the German customs and health department.

This product has a very long production and processing process. The number of producers of these kernels is less than the fingers of your two hands.

In the following, we will get familiar with this product and one of the main sellers of green pistachio kernels.
If you are willing to buy green pistachio kernels to enter the market of Germany:

You need to know from where and when Germany purchases green pistachio.

Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels Production

Peeled Green Pistachio Kernels

Pistachio kernel is one of the most important and practical pistachio products.
This product with its special colors and features is able to satisfy Iranian and foreign consumers.
In the meantime, green pistachio kernels with their green and beautiful color attract many consumers.

Now you may be wondering how to produce this type of pistachio kernel. Below are the production steps of this type of pistachio kernel.

  • In the first stage, we should crack pistachio shells.
  • Then, the shells and kernels are together; therefore we need to separate the kernels from the shells.
  • In the final stage, we should remove the thin skin on the pistachio kernel and we have a high quality and green pistachio kernel.

This pistachio kernel attracts many customers due to its quality and visual beauty.
For this reason, the export of peeled pistachio kernels is booming.
In the next section, we will give more details about the export/import of this valuable product, especially the export of pistachio kernels to Germany.
Also, Germany purchases green pistachio with different color grades. In fact, the producer needs to separate and sort kernels by color. The greenest grade is the best but the most expensive as well.

Green Pistachios for Germany and Europe

As you know, the export of peeled pistachio kernels to different European countries from Iran is booming.
The following countries are the most important European importers of Iranian high-quality pistachio kernels.

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Netherland

In the meantime, Germany, which is very interested in double-skinned pistachio kernels, is an importer of this type of pistachio in bulk.

There are different names for peeled green pistachio kernels in different markets. Such as Double-skinned pistachio kernels, green pistachios, peeled green pistachio kernels, and etc.

One of the standards of Germany, like other European countries, is the amount of aflatoxin in pistachios. For this reason, in marketing pistachio kernels in these countries, we must pay special attention to health issues.

On the other hand, due to the high sensitivity of European countries, the amount of aflatoxin in the peeled pistachios is close to zero.
This leads European countries to have high confidence in this type of pistachio kernel and are much less worried about being infected with the aflatoxin fungus.

Of course, it we can say that one of the main problems of traders is finding and connecting with the main producer.
In the next section, we have more details about direct purchases from manufacturers.

Germany Purchases Artin Green Pistachios

Germany Purchases Green Pistachios

In the previous sections, we got to know Germany and the peeled pistachios exported to this country in full.
Now the question is how to contact the main producers in Iran for export/import to European countries.

Artin company is one of the companies that with its 7-year history in the field of selling and then exporting pistachios and its products creats advantages for pistachio traders and exporters.
These advantages include the following:

  • Fixing the problem of finding major manufacturers for merchants
  • Reducing the cost of products due to online wholesales and reducing the side costs of the Artin company
  • Fast sending
  • Increasing the quality due to the multiple relationships of the Artin dried fruit collection

For advice and more information, receiving prices, buying or exporting pistachio kernels, you can contact the consultants of Artin Pistachio Company.
Artin company’s consultants will help you with a convenient and fast purchase.

Germany Purchases Green Pistachio And Done?

Germany Purchases Green Pistachio

The point is that Germany not only purchases green pistachios but also it’s a good market for most of the Iranian pistachio side products.
The more important point is that:

You need health standards for your pistachio products to enter the German markets.


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