Grade B Pistachio Kernels | Low Price and Easy to Sell

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Grade B Pistachio Kernels

Grade B Pistachio Kernels | Low Price and Easy to Sell

Grade B pistachio kernels producing in the Artin factory are offering in the market at competitive prices. These kernels are of low price and easy to sell.

Most of the products are using for export to different countries.
Especially to produce different pastries, sweets, and chocolates.

Grade B Pistachio Kernels

Grade B Pistachio Kernels

Grade B pistachio kernels are one of the best-selling products in the pistachio kernel market.
The products that fall into this category have many buyers due to their reasonable prices.
Most of the sales volume of this product is for exporting to different countries.

Grade B pistachio kernels are usually producing by cracking pistachios with low kernels’ percentage. In fact, When pistachio recording terminals process fresh pistachios, some of the pistachios have no special kernels so that they stay afloat but they are not %100 free of kernels. Low price pistachio kernels are the products of these pistachios. It’s easy to sell these kernels because of their low price. But there are many factories that sort these kernels into different categories.

These pistachios are separated from pistachios with high kernels at the beginning of the season when the skin is peeled.
In fact, these pistachios come on the water because of their light kernel.

Different names are using for grade 2 pistachio kernels, but cheap pistachio kernels are known by the following names in the market of Iran as the main producer of such kernels:

Wheat-Shape | Afloat pistachio kernels | pistachio kernel grade B

Of course, if we follow each of these items, different prices can be offered.

Low Price Artin Pistachio Kernels to Sell

Low Price Artin Pistachio Kernels

Pistachio kernels are often either produced in pistachio recording terminals or distributed in the market through pistachio cracking workshops.
In fact, the direct sales center of this product is through these production units.
But pistachio recording terminals are a better option because they crack light kernels.

On the other hand, for the cheap price of pistachio kernel, the type of pistachio is very important.
In other words, if we crack Akbari and Koleghouchi pistachio nuts, they have a much higher price than Fandoghi, Badami and Ahmad Aghaei nuts.

In fact, to buy grade B pistachio kernels, the best option is to crack low price empty pistachios.
This product has special buyers in the market of different countries who use it for powder or use in other foods.
Of course, these products are sending along with first-class pistachio kernels.

In fact, in every country there is a demand for both first-class and second-class products.
One of the companies that sell grade b pistachio kernels and also pistachio granules directly, is the Artin Nuts Company.
In this collection, cracking, sieving (sorting by size), laser sorting (sorting by color), and packaging of pistachio kernels are doing by machinery.

Daily export price list of cheap pistachio kernels

cheap pistachio kernels

In addition to second grade pistachio kernels, other products are also produced in the Artin collection and distributed in the market.
The Artin factory prepare and process these products in different qualities and in different packages according to the needs of the market of the destination country.

The most important products producing in the Artin pistachio company and pistachio kernels are:

  1. Purple skin pistachio kernel
  2. Green or “KUL” pistachio kernel
  3. Peeled pistachio kernel
  4. Pistachio kernel grade B
  5. Pistachio granule in 3 sizes
  6. Halved and Crushed pistachio kernels
  7. Green belly pistachio kernel (green heart)

Each of these products has a different price depending on the demand and supply in the market.
It is noteworthy that the price of pistachios and its products is highly dependent on the exchange rate of the USD to Rial.
The main reason for this is the export-oriented nature of these products.
For this reason, we are exempt from posting prices on the websites and blogs.
But to get the current price and the occurrence of pistachio kernels, there is a solution for you in the Artin company.
You can now wait for the call of our colleagues from the sales unit by completing the relevant forms on the website.

Or if you are on the website with your mobile phone, click on the image below and send your message to one of the sales experts right now:

In addition, our colleagues will send you the product’s photos as soon as possible.

Grade B Pistachio Kernels to Import

Grade B Pistachio Kernels

As mentioned, second grade pistachio kernels are using for export from Iran to different countries.
This product has good customers to offer in the markets of the following countries:

Russia – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Ukraine – Syria – Iraq – Bahrain

Of course, each of these countries orders pistachio kernels in special packaging.
Some, place their order in 50 kg bags and others in 10 or 12.5 kg cartons.
Sometimes, in order to increase the longevity of customers, they demand vacuuming of pistachio kernels, which are all available in the Artin company.

For more information in this regard, you can contact Artin Sales and Trading Unit.
Our partners are ready to provide advice on the sale and export of this product.

In addition, with the determination of the destination country, the necessary certificates for the import of these products will be ready for you.

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