Granule and Halved Pistachio Kernels Green and Tasty

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Granule and Halved Pistachio Kernels Green and Tasty

Granule and halved pistachio kernels are in use for pastries, ice cream, and chocolates. It’s important for pistachios to be green and tasty.

Inexpensive pistachio kernels are considered in various manufacturing industries, including sweets and ice cream.
The supply of different types of this product is often one of the services of pistachio kernel companies, which we will examine in this article.

Pistachio kernels that have lower prices include granules, crushed, and halved pistachio kernels, which are highly in demand if they are green.

But most of these pistachio kernels are a combination of green and yellow pistachio kernels, which their powder still has a good color.

Granule and Halved Pistachio Kernels Production

The best option for buying any type of pistachio kernel is to contact the main producers of this product directly.
Kernel-producing factories, in the sorting stage, separate whole-shape products from broken/halved kernels and market each at very competitive prices.

Each of these two groups of pistachio kernels has its own uses. In general, we see that whole-shape pistachio kernels are in use for export to most of the countries. By the way, pistachio granules are also in demand in most of the countries but their supply quantity is lower.
In fact, a significant quantity of granulated and halved pistachio kernels’ production is in use for the domestic market of Iran.

The appearance of pistachio kernels is very important for foreign traders and all merchants. That’s why they buy whole-shape pistachio kernels.
Halved pistachio kernels have different uses in different markets. These applications include the following:

  • At first, producing pistachio powders
  • Then, Using pistachio pieces in ice cream
  • Also, Using as a raw material for food products

In the following sections, we have more details about how to buy and the price of this type of pistachio nut.
We hope the following information is helpful to you.

How’s the Price of Halved Pistachio Kernels?

As you saw in the previous section, the price of pistachio kernels’ halves or granules is cheaper than other pistachio kernels.
But here we have to point out important points. The price of these pistachios depends on several factors. These factors include the following:

  1. Pistachio type
  2. The health standards of pistachio kernels
  3. Pistachio kernel color

Of course, These above items and parameters are not the only items to check and identify a price.
The price of pistachios and their products will change several times due to market fluctuations.
This is mostly due to the high export of pistachios. In fact, Due to fluctuations in the USD/IRR exchange rate, the price of pistachios and their products are also affected.

Because of these changes, you should have the current price of your products in hand.
On the other hand, if you make your purchases online, you will see a reduction in the final price of the products.

In the next section, we will give more details about how to buy, especially online shopping and receiving the prices of different types of pistachio kernels.

How to Buy Kernels?

According to the descriptions of the previous sections, pistachio granules are in use for different purposes.
You may be wondering how to supply pistachio kernels, especially pistachio kernels and granules.

If you were planning to do this several years ago, you should have packed your bags right now. Now it’s time to start your trip to the producing cities to buy pistachio kernels.
But in recent years this has changed completely. Due to the growth of cyberspace and social media, online shopping of agricultural products is also online.

In fact, with a simple call, you will receive the product in your city. The Artin company is one of the companies that sell products in bulk and online.

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