Green Pistachio Kernels for Hong Kong | Peeled Nuts

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Pistachio Kernels for Hong Kong

Green Pistachio Kernels for Hong Kong | Peeled Nuts

Iran is the main supplier of green and peeled pistachio kernels for Hong Kong and China. Iranian Pistachio Nuts are also exporting to China and Hong Kong in high quantities.

In fact, Pistachio kernels are exporting from Iran to different countries.
Hong Kong and China, along with Germany and Italy, are the main buyers of Iranian green pistachio kernels.
Peeled Pistachio kernels are using due to its high quality and hygiene.

This product is one of the most expensive products among the types of pistachio kernels exporting from Iran.

Green Pistachio Kernels (Peeled)

Green Pistachio Kernels

In Iran, to produce green peeled pistachio kernels, pistachios harvest from the tree in the form of “Kul” and immature.
Early harvest causes pistachio kernels to be greener than usual.

After drying the KUL pistachios, machines crack them to be ready for the peeling process.
The peeling process is doing by boiling water and automatic stirring devices.

This process varies according to the firmness of the skin on the pistachio kernel for different products.
After removing the skin of the pistachio kernel, the products should place on a dryer to return to their normal moisture.

In the next step, which is one of the important processes in the production of this type of pistachio kernel, the products should be sorted by color.
In fact, green pistachio kernels (peeled) categorize on the basis of how green they are.

Classification of peeled pistachio kernels

peeled pistachio kernels

Peeled green pistachio kernels, as you know, are classified according to how green they are.
There are various types of color sorting machines using a laser to separate green kernels in the sorting procedure.

Typically, producers classify these products into 6 grades.
For the export of green pistachio kernels in the world markets, these products are also known by the same grading.
Some production units introduce Grade S as the greenest grade, but others start naming their products with Grade A.
But in general, there are 4 grades for peeled pistachio kernels, which are arranged from the greenest to the yellowest.
Usually, 2 grades are also assigned to the halved and crushed types.

Most of the exports of Iranian green pistachio kernels to Hong Kong refer to the first 3 grades of peeled pistachio kernels.
This type of pistachio kernel is usually selling in carton packages in the international market.
The weight of export packages is often 10 or 12.5 kg.

A very important point about the export of pistachio kernels is that this product should be in vacuum packages for longer shelf life.
In this way, in addition to not changing the health analysis of the product, its shelf life will also increase.

Exporting Pistachio Kernels to Hong Kong and East Asia

Exporting Pistachio Kernels

East Asian countries are the main buyers of peeled types of green pistachio kernel. Especially Hong Kong is the biggest buyer.
Most of this product is exporting to the following countries:

China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea

Some buyers in these countries try to buy high volumes. But because of their capitalism, they prefer to make their purchases in low volume.
But they increase the number of times they buy and shorten the interval between each order.
In orders with volumes less than 2 tons, the product transport through airlines.

Although the cost of shipping by air is high, in comparison with the price of the product, these costs are not very significant.
For this reason, most low volume buyers tend to receive the product quickly.
But if the purchase amount is more than 5 tons, shipping costs by sea will be much more affordable.
In this way, the final price for supply in the markets of China and Hong Kong will be very competitive.

Green Pistachio Kernels Online Supply for Hong Kong

Green Pistachio Kernels

Due to the growth of the Internet and the expansion of social networks, many sales have shifted to online.
This has been very evident in wholesale and export in recent years.

But in this condition, the capabilities and reliabilities of both parties are important.
There are different ways to buy pistachio nuts and kernels online, which according to the current situation in Iran, we will explain one of the best methods below.

You can follow the following steps to buy in bulk. And also to imp[ort peeled green pistachio kernels from Artin company:

  1. First, after reading the website, you need to contact the sales and export unit.
  2. Receive the necessary information about the price, method, and conditions of export/import, packaging, and…
  3. After the initial approval, if required, a sample of the requested products will be sent to you.
  4. After the final confirmation and determination of the agreed price, the proforma-invoice of your order will be sent.
  5. At this stage, an amount will be credited to the producer’s account as an advance payment.
  6. After preparing the goods and packing, the manufacturer sends the products to the customs of origin for declaration.
  7. After completing all customs affairs and registering the documents in the name of the buyer, the cargo is ready to transport.
  8. The buyer will deposit the remaining amount of the invoice according to the copy of the documents.
  9. The shipment is sent to the buyer in the destination country along with the original documents.
  10. All matters related to the clearance of goods in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.

These steps are an overview of how to buy and export/import pistachio kernels online from Iran.
For more information, contact us at Artin Pistachio Company.

You can also view the Persian website of this collection through the following link.

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